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Goa Chronicle

Launched on July 31st 2010; Goa Chronicle’s mission and vision is to be the connection and communication source for news, views, analysis, jobs, properties, matrimonials, photographs, tiatrs, movies, books, music, travel, restaurant for the Regional, National and Global Goan community.

With a dedicated team of editors, reporters, cameramen – Goa Chronicle aims to bridge the gap of communication, information and most of news between print and television to make it available online to our readers 24×7, 365 days in a year.

From our hourly news updates to our online business services, from our reports from Goa to our reports from the Goan diaspora across the globe. From our team in Goa to our Indian partner offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Pune and our International partner offices UK, USA, Portugal, Canada, Australia, New Zealand UAE, Kuwait and Qatar

We aim to merge markets and help Goans connect on a regional, national and global platform.


Kaydence Media Ventures

Founded in 2009, Kaydence Media Ventures with its developed deep expertise and relationships in media and technology is an investment and investor source firm with a keen interest to invest in high growth sectors of media – print, online, television, radio and mobile.

We are stage agnostic (seed to growth equity) as long as returns are expected to result from growing a company’s revenues in excess of 40 percent per year during our investment holding period.

Our investment philosophy does not fit a conventional model, much like the visionary innovators we back. We believe that formulaic approaches to investing lead to risk averse strategies that stifle innovation and differentiation. We actively avoid restrictive boundaries around ideas, growth opportunities and entrepreneur profiles. To find extraordinary opportunities, we are not bound by a particular stage of investment and do not shy away from contrarian ideas.

We believe that great companies take root in unconventional places and that successful entrepreneurs frequently break the mold. The ideas we back come from a variety of sources: an MBA student who is trying to change new media advertising practices.

Identifying interesting opportunities and providing capital is just the beginning. We offer deep-sector expertise in today’s high-growth markets, but we do not let any one area of knowledge guide our overall investment strategy.

Ultimately, we look for entrepreneurs who we can help make very big waves, not just stir the waters and move on to the next venture.



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