Ashiana Housing Organises its 1st Kid-centric Homes Conclave

Realising the fact that kid-centric homes are the next big thing in reality space and spreading awareness about the same, (NSE & BSE listed) Delhi-based, Ashiana Housing Ltd. organised its 1st ever conclave on kid-centric home concept at the Taj City Centre in Gurugram on September 9, 2018.



Ashiana Housing Ltd. – 1st Ever Conclave on Kid-centric Home


The main speaker for the conclave was Varun Gupta, Director, Ashiana Housing Ltd. who has been researching about kid-centric homes from the past two years and working on the infrastructure, right processes to encourage kid learning and much more to make the kid-centric homes of Ashiana a success. During his speech, he threw light on the concept of kid-centric homes and how they can help in kids’ overall development.


Talking about the growing concept of kid centric homes in India, he said, “With most of the young parents shifting to metro-cities in search of better job opportunities, it is becoming difficult for them to give significant time and attention to their little ones. In addition, most of the times, they face challenges such as no proper infrastructure which plays a great role in kid’s development. Here, comes the importance of kid-centric homes which help in facilitating better upbringing and promoting holistic development of the kid by offering various kid-centric amenities and activities within a planned society.”


He further noted that Ashiana’s kid-centric homes are based on five pillars which include:

  1. Providing the required infrastructure and amenities for the kids

  2. Helping in the learning and overall development process through various programs with trained coaches and trainers

  3. Creating platforms where children can showcase their talent like organising regular competitive events etc.

  4. Inculcating values through various activities

  5. Providing support to the maintenance teams of such homes


Another speaker for the event was Shashank Veera, Director, Hearth Education Advisors and an educator with 25 years of experience in academics, education policy and management. Shashank who helped Ashiana in developing the live & learn programme in kid-centric homes, talked about the importance of engaging kids in extracurricular activities.


The main purpose of organising this conclave was to spread awareness about Ashiana’s kid centric homes in Bhiwadi-Delhi NCR, Jaipur and the upcoming project in Sohna-Gurugram.


About one-of-its-kind kid-centric homes of Ashiana

Having all the kid-centric amenities and promoting unique concepts like Live and Learn which promise overall development of the kids through extracurricular activities in the presence of professional coaches/teachers, regular workshops, events etc., and possessing well-established Learning Hub for focussing on holistic development of the Kids, Ashiana’s kid-centric homes at all the three locations promise an all-round development of the kids.


Source: NV1


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