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And Now A Crab Named After Goa

A new species of crab found by scientists of the National Institute of Oceanography in the Zuari estuary while carrying out research on a Ballast Water Management Programme has been named Charybdis goaensis, after Goa.
The Ballast Water Management Programme being carried out for Director General Shipping involves identifying the existing species in the territory so that other species brought there through the ballast water can be recognized.
While filling the ballast tanks with water, a lot of the marine life from that region is also taken in and then subsequently when the ballast water is released at a different port, the marine life is also released in new surroundings.

Terror Warning to Sabotage Tourism: Ravi Naik

Home Minister Ravi Naik termed the termed the terror threat information from intelligence sources to be a mere means to mar the tourism season in Goa and pointed out that every year such reports appear in the media just around the time the tourism season starts in the State.
While admitting that there are certain inputs from intelligence source which cannot be made public, he however wondered why such reports about terror threats do not find their way in the media during the off tourism season or regularly in the year instead of appearing only at the onset of the season.

Indo jazz music festival on Sunday

Music lovers have a lot in store this Sunday, 10th October when Pandit Ravindra Chary takes the stage in an Indo Jazz fusion concert to be held at the Kala Academy. Held in honor of his late father Pandit Prabhakar Chary, the artistes joining him onstage are Merlin de Souza, Vivienne Pocha, Sheldon D’Silva and Satyajit Talwalkar to mention a few.

Spate of activities in Goa to observe Gobal Day of Doing


The biggest environmental campaign towards climate change all over the world takes place this Sunday 10th October when the date on the calendar reads 10.10.10. Part of the global initiative, the event known as the ‘Global Work Party’, kicks off in Goa.

India joins the 187 countries in organising countrywide events that aim to create an awareness on the issue. Out of the global 6759 events, Goa will host its own set in a unique way.

Tourism Industry’s Gift Not Usable

The fleet of 15 jeeps donated by the tourism industry to the State Government for setting up Goa Tourism Security Force are not usable as they cannot run in the sand on the beaches where they are most required.
The jeeps donated on May 15 were expected to compliment the tourism security force to keep a vigil on the 105 long Goan coastline besides also being used at other places of importance from the tourism perspective.
However, as the jeeps do not have four-wheel drive, they cannot be used on the beaches, revealed Tourism Director Swapnil Naik. They may now be used only for patrolling at the churches, temples and other sites frequented by tourists.

NGO Purchases Buffalo to Protect Tiger

A local NGO Vivekanand Environment Awareness Brigade stepped into purchase a female buffalo for a poor dhangar family from Keri in Sattari taluka as part of its campaign to save the tiger.
The family of Sai Kalu Pingale from Keri solely depend upon their cattle for their survival and this was badly affected when a wild cat, believed to be a tiger, killed her buffalo whose milk used to keep their home fires burning.
Sai Kalu Pingale approached the government for compensation but it was denied on grounds that her buffalo was killed by a wild cat in the wild life sanctuary.

Delhi Youth to Promote Eco-Friendliness in Goa

Around 22 youth including many teenagers from Delhi based NGO Manzil Welfare Society will present street plays at different places in Goa from 9th October to promote eco-friendliness. The date has been specially chosen as it is the eve of Global Day of Doing which is going to be observed on 10th October 2010.
The 10 minute long street plays were planned a year ago said Ranjodh Singh who is leading the group in Goa and added that the message is primarily to state that it is “cool” to be environment friendly.

Valpoi First Constituency to Have Poll Monitoring System

The by-elections in Valpoi Assembly constituency will earn it the distinction of being the first entire constituency where the poll monitoring system will be implemented to ensure free and fair polls.
Under this system every voter coming to the polling booth to cast his or her ballot will be photographed and fingerprinted. This is expected to deter bogus voting whereby people cast ballots in the name of persons who are not present in the area due to employment either outside Goa or overseas.
Besides, the officials will also set up a voter facilitation centre outside the polling booth where any person can just tell his or her name and the officials will give the serial number of the person.  Thus the tables put up by the candidates to help voters know their serial number will be rendered redundant.

NSUI Panel Elected at Goa University Elections

At the Goa University Students’ Council elections, the Congress’ National Students Union of India’s nominees were elected to five of the nine posts as the BJP’s Akhil Bharatiya Vidhyarthi Parishad...

Atala Wanted Man In Israel Too

Yaniv Benaim alias Atala who gave the Goa police the slip to return to his home country, is also a wanted man in Israel where he has got 16 cases pending against him. This was revealed by DySP C S Salgaonkar who said that the information was provided by Interpol following the Goa Police’s complaint to this international agency.
Atala reportedly has cases pertaining to drug peddling, assault, theft, fraud and even obstructing a police officer from carrying out his duties, in Israel and he reportedly came to Goa to escape from these charges.