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Robust Paced Employment in India

Employers in India are planning to hire at a robust pace in the next three months. A survey says public administration, education and services sectors are expected to see strong recruitment trends.
Globally, India is the most optimistic in terms of recruitment intentions for the fourth quarter after China and Taiwan, according to staffing services firm Manpower’s Employment Outlook Survey released on Tuesday.
“The job market remains robust in India as a result of strong domestic growth and recovery from key global markets. But employers in other countries are reporting strong hiring forecasts as well,”  Manpower India’s managing director Sanjay Pandit told PTI.


Australian Team Inspect Fatorda Stadium

A team from Australia Tuesday morning inspected the Fatorda stadium where the one day international cricket match between India and Australia is scheduled to be played on 24th October and expressed happiness over the arrangement made for the game.
Earlier, the team comprising of four members, were given an audio-visual presentation on the arrangements made and they were highly impressed with the professional and detailed presentation. Speaking to ‘Goa Chronicle, Steve Bernard, the Australian Team Manager said he was satisfied with the security arrangements as this is a major concern for the visitors.

Six Phase Polls for Bihar

The Election Commission of India on Monday announced the poll schedule for Bihar which will be held in six phased commencing from 21st October.
The first phase on 21st October will have polling for 47 seats while the second phase will be held on 24th October in 45 seats.
The third phase will be on 28th October for 48 seats, fourth on 1st November for 42 seats, fifth on 9th November for 35 seats and last on 20th November for 26 seats, Chief Election Commissioner S Y Quraishi told a press conference in New Delhi.
Counting for the 243 Assembly seats will be held on 24th November.

India Overtakes US

India has replaced the United States as the second most important foreign directive investment (FDI) destination for transnational corporations during 2010-2012, according to a survey conducted by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).
In its latest ‘World Investment Prospects Survey 2010-2012′, the UNCTAD said transnational corporations remain buoyant about investment prospects in China, India and Brazil. According to the survey, India is the most important FDI destination next only to China.


PM Hints at Cabinet Reshuffle

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is likely to reshuffle his Cabinet before the winter session of Parliament. He told the editors of major newspapers at a breakfast meeting in New Delhi on Monday that he “would like to reduce the average age of his Cabinet”.
Rejecting the perception that there is a disconnect between his government and Congress party, Singh said that his Cabinet was functioning with much greater degree of cohesion than even the first Cabinet headed by Jawaharlal Nehru.
“I am not aware of anything that can be called a disconnect between the Congress Party and the Government. I can’t say that I will shut up every colleague in my Cabinet,” Singh said.

Panel to Decide CEO’s Salaries

A key parliamentary panel wants the government to make it mandatory for the boards of companies to have a committee specifically tasked with determining the salaries of key managerial personnel, in a recommendation that seems to have been shaped by the growing unease over the stratospheric salaries drawn by CEOs.
The recommendation is part of a cluster of suggestions Parliament’s standing committee on finance has made in response to the Companies Bill, 2009. This seeks to replace the Companies Act, 1956.
The panel, headed by former finance minister Yashwant Sinha, also said that the liabilities of independent directors should be distinguished from those of full-time directors.

Marks & Spencer Bans Gurgaon Plant

After a British weekly’s revelation that a Gurgaon-based factory used by British retail major Marks & Spencer was abusing its workers, the company has stopped placing orders with the factory.
However, M&S said it had stopped placing order with Viva Global in Gurgaon for commercial reasons.
Details of the working conditions in the The Viva Global factory were mentioned in an expose conducted by The Observer in August. These included allegedly paying workers as little as 26 pence an hour and forcing them to work excessive overtime. It denies that workers have suffered intimidation, the leading weekly reported today.

RBI Governor Gets Less Salary Than Other Bankers

In an irony of sorts, RBI gets to approve salaries of all the top-level bankers in the country, but the central bank’s top officials themselves get less than 5 per cent of what is paid to the bank chiefs.
According to a study, the RBI Governor D Subbarao’s total remuneration is less than that paid to heads of not only private sector banks in the country, but even from the public sector even though licenses to carry on business is issued to these banks by the RBI Governor.
The difference in the salaries is quite huge where in some cases bank heads are earning nearly 20 times what the RBI Governor is paid.

Sexology Conference Throws More Questions Than Answers

The 26th National Conference on Sexology underway at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, has thrown more questions than answers relating to unnatural sex including bestiality. While everybody agreed that bestiality existing in the country even though it is an offence punishable under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, there was no consensus on whether it is right or wrong.
The matter was raised by US based sex therapist Hani Miletski who revealed that young boys from south India are used to having sex with buffaloes and rich women are known to tutor their dogs to have intercourse.

Fax Stops Child Marriage

Presence of mind saved a minor girl from Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu from being married to a man twice her age after she faxed a complaint along with the wedding invitation card to the district collector.
The collector Arun Roy immediately dispatched a team and stopped the marriage a few moments before it was solemnized. The groom, 32 year old Sundaram decided to call off the marriage when he was informed that action would be taken against him for marrying a minor.