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Van Gogh painting search intensifies

Egyptian authorities are still searching for a painting by the Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh stolen from a Cairo museum, a day after mistakenly saying it had been recovered.
Officials say they have stepped up security at Egypt’s borders to try to keep the artwork from leaving the country.
Egypt’s culture minister Farouq Hosni initially said two Italians had been arrested at Cairo airport with the painting. He later said he had been given incorrect information.

Swedish Authorities Withdraw Wikileaks founder’s arrest warrant

Swedish authorities on Saturday issued and then hastily withdrew an arrest warrant for Julian Assange, the founder of the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, on suspicion of rape.
The country’s chief prosecutor, Eva Finne, said there was not enough evidence to support the allegation, and that all charges involving rape have been lifted.  But a police investigation into a lesser charge of molestation against Assange continues.

North Korea repeats demand for Japanese apology

Following Japan’s apology to South Korea, North Korea has demanded reparations from Japan for colonising the Korean peninsula for nearly three decades in the beginning of the last century.
Japan should sincerely apologise and make full reparation to the nation for not only it aggression but also the crimes committed against humanity said a spokesman of North Korean government agency.

Muslim structure at Ground Zero evokes rallies

New York Police had a harrowing time keeping the supporters and opponents of the proposed Muslim cultural centre and mosque at the site of the World Trade Center which was reduced to rubble in the heinous September 11, 2001 attacks which killed nearly 3,000 people.

While the supporters argue that the structure would be a symbol of religious tolerance and understanding, the opponents charge that the proposal is insensitive and would result in habouring religious extremism.

Pakistan flood death toll yet unknown

The actual number of people killed by the massive flooding in Pakistan remains unknown because large areas of the country are inaccessible, Islamabad’s U.N. envoy said on Friday.
The official death toll is around 1,500 but the true number of people killed in the disaster may turn out to be higher, Ambassador Abdullah Hussain Haroon told the U.N.

General Assembly at the end of a two-day conference on aid for Pakistan.
“We don’t yet know how many are dead and how many have perished,” he said. “We can only hold our breath and hope that the casualty figures have been fewer.”

Australia goes to poll

Millions of Australians have begun voting in what is tipped to be the closest federal election in decades. Voting booths have opened in the eastern states as fresh media polls continue to show the election is up for grabs.

An extensive Nielsen poll in Fairfax newspapers puts Labor just ahead on 52 points to the coalition’s 48 – but that might not be enough to ensure a victory for Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Planned flotilla, a provocation: Israel

The Gaza-bound flotilla from Lebanon has nothing to do with humanitarian aid and is an act of hostile provocation said Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak referring to the flotilla expected to leave on the weekend.

In a statement released by the Israel Defense Forces, Mr. Barak was quoted to having said that the action is meant to aid terror organisation whose purpose is to kill Israeli civilians.

Former dictator arrested for flashing

Former Air Force Gen Juan Pereda Asbun, who ruled Bolivia for four months in 1978, has been arrested for exposing himself to a group of children and sent to a drug rehabilitation centre. He was detained by a group of young people after he tried to get a girl into his car after exposing himself to a group of children.

Following his arrest Pereda was found to be carrying two boxes of cigarettes loaded with cocaine. The medical test after his arrest indicated that he had consumed narcotics following which the 79 year old former ruler was admitted to a rehabilitation centre.

Blood diamonds ousts Mandela Trustee

Jeremy Ractliffe who accepted three uncut diamonds from Naomi Campbell and held them with him for years, will not be up for re-election as a trustee of Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.

Ractliffe came under the scanner after Naomi Campbell testified that she had given diamonds to Ractliffe who was the head of the children’s fund and personal friend. Campbell testimony came during the trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor as it was alleged that Taylor gave blood diamonds to Campbell.

Obama is a muslim think most Americans

A survey conducted nearly a year-and-a-half after Barack Obama took over President of United States of America reveals that nearly one in every five American believes that their President is a Muslim.

According to Pew Research Centre, 18 per cent of Americans say that Obama is a Muslim, while last year in March 2009 only 11 per cent Americans considered him to be a Muslim.