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Sobhraj too hot for lawyers

Although he can buy moderate comforts for himself in the jail in Kathmandu, Charles Sobhraj is finding it difficult to find a lawyer to represent him particularly after his lawyer and to be mother in law Shakuntala Thapa was held guilty for contempt of court.

The 66-year old Charles Sobhraj who run to freedom ended after he was arrested at O Coqueiro while holidaying in Goa, cannot find a lawyer to work on a fresh application to review the Supreme Court’s decision finding him guilty of murdering an American tourist in 1975.

UK PM promises quicker visas to Indians

Mr. David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain, on Thursday promised to set in place a system to issue visas to Indians at a quicker pace and cheaper rate.

Speaking to UK tourism industry representatives on the need to increase Britain’s revenue from tourism, Mr Cameron said “measures to help the industry would be speeding up the process of getting visitors’ visas for the UK in India and China,” according to media reports

The reference to India is significant because it now provides the largest inflow of tourists from any Asian country, having overtaken Japan.

Australian Police accused of Racism

A cab driver of Indian origin Gurpreet Singh Ashreja has accused the Australian police of racism claiming that they just “smiled” when he approached them for help after a group of passengers refused to pay him the fare.

“I was stunned when the Australian police did nothing as they listened to the passengers racially abusing me just outside the Chelsea police station,” said Gurpreet.

He said he drove to the police station for support when his passengers refused to pay $47 in fares. “Instead, he alleges he received a loud dressing down and a lecture about use of the ‘f-word’,”

British College under the scanner for selling certificates to Asians

A college in Britain is reportedly under investigation for allegedly selling English language certificates to immigrants particularly from Asia, in order to help them “cheat” to get UK citizenship.

The probe reportedly began after reports last year that hundreds of students from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan were studying at poorly regulated private colleges that had found ways to exploit the loopholes in immigration laws of England.

Travel to Goa made easy for foreigners of Goan origin

There is hope now for thousands of Non-Resident Goans (NRGs) who, ironically, found themselves being labeled ‘tourists’ in their own land. These are the ones who acquired foreign passports for work but now wish to spend their retired lives in their homeland.

This tiny western Indian state that survives mainly on tourism, has also been a major manpower exporter for hundreds of years. The first wave of Goan migration has been traced to the sixteenth century. Goan migrants are scattered across all continents. Many of them hold foreign passports which they took for employment purposes, but continue to have family and property in Goa.

Pentagon Slams Wikileaks

U.S. defense officials responded angrily to WikiLeaks’ plan to post additional Afghan war logs, with Defense Secretary Robert Gates suggesting that the move could further endanger the lives of Afghans who helped the U.S. war effort.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, speaking to a group in London by video link on Thursday, said his group had gone through 7,000 of the 15,000 documents the group has so far withheld from publishing. WikiLeaks had said it was withholding posting those documents until it had time to review them to block out the names of sources contained in the documents.