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Paris Undersiege: Terrorists kill 120 people

France was in a nationwide state of emergency today after a night of horror in Paris when gunmen sprayed restaurants with bullets, massacred scores of concert- goers and launched suicide...

US to Adopt Indian Toilets in Afghanistan

Low-cost lavatory technique, developed by an Indian NGO, Sulabh International, will be adopted by the US Army to build public toilets in Afghanistan, a senior US military official said.
The US troops will build at least 40 toilet complexes linked with biogas generation plants in Kandahar as a part of the reconstruction process in the country.
The technical know-how of the model designed by Sulabh International would also be shared with the Afghan government so that it can be used in other parts of the country, said Maj. Edward T Mears at the engineering wing of the US Army in Afghanistan.

British MP’s Wife Working as a Prostitute

The ruling Conservative Party received a shock as it has been revealed that one of its MP’s wife works as a prostitute charging 70 pounds “for oral sex without a condom followed by full sex with a condom”. The revelation left the MP stunned as he said: “That’s a horrible shock”.
Sunday Mirror reported that Tory MP Mike Weatherley’s Brazilian wife Carla, 39, works at three seedy brothels. The expose could prove embarrassing to Prime Minister David Cameron, who campaigned alongside Weatherley at the general election earlier this year.

Blair Cancels Book Signing Event

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has canceled a central London book-signing event for his new autobiography over concerns of the “inevitable hassle” that will be caused by protesters, his office said in a statement Monday.
Blair’s decision came after police made some arrests Saturday in Dublin, Ireland, where he attended another signing event for his book, titled “A Journey.”
A crowd of people, some of them anti-war demonstrators, had gathered outside the shop to protest Blair’s role in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and there were unconfirmed reports of eggs and shoes being thrown at Blair.

HP Caps Gulf of Mexico Oil Well

BP Plc’s ruptured Gulf of Mexico oil well is secure with no threat of spewing crude again, the top U.S. official overseeing the spill response said on Saturday.   “We basically have secured this well,We have essentially eliminated the threat of discharge from the well at this point.” retired Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen said.
A cap atop failed blowout preventer equipment on the Macondo well had sealed in all oil flow since 15th July.  On Friday, BP replaced the failed equipment with a new giant stack of valves and pipes. Once the new blowout preventer is tested, BP can resume drilling a relief well that will bore into the Macondo  well and  pump in mud and cement to plug it for good.

Former HP Chief Offered Job by Oracle

Oracle Corp has offered a job to Mark Hurd, the former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard Co who resigned amid a scandal involving inaccurate expense receipts related to a female contractor, according to a source familiar with the situation and also  said that  a final decision has not yet been made. Oracle was not immediately available for a comment.
Hurd resigned on August 6, after a probe into sexual harassment allegations. HP said he filed inaccurate expense reports related to Jodie Fisher, a marketing contractor who worked for Hurd’s office from 2007 through 2009.