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The POL-Drums on Dabolim!

Anticipated closure of Dabolim Airport once Mopa Airport get finally constructed has in the past and will in present as well as future be one of key issue that politicians will raise the sounds of political war drums. Mostly, political forces from South Goa will not miss an opportunity to drive a wedge into any political party progressing on the Mopa front.

An Open Letter to Mr Geldof!

It was wonderful to have known that you were in Goa for an event, that last time around also courted controversy. This time though, you added a new dimension to that controversy.

War against ‘Garbage’!

You might be surprised by the headline. But it is not what we as Goans need to do; wage a war against garbage and the authorities who cannot get about setting the garbage issue right in the state either through information or action.

An Open Letter to Mr Parrikar

Having known and interacted with you at different levels in the past two years, I have come to believe that in comparison to most Goan politicians I have met, you certainly are the most intelligent, determined and dedicated; more importantly you came across as man so committed to a cause – that being the betterment of Goa; and working towards Zero-Corruption had always been your mantra even in your previous stint as Chief Minister, you tried to work towards it, but, you could only manage some success.

Death of the Suspended ‘Mining Official’…

Death is always a tragedy, more so, for a family. And death by suicide is more tragic because it leaves a lot of unanswered questions and puts the family under tremendous burden for the rest of their life finding out the answer to ‘why’.

After Shah Commission Report! Now What…

I am not at all surprised about the contents of the Justice MB Shah report on ‘Illegal Mining’ in Goa, as we have been exposing the issue of illegal mining aggressively and even faced a defamation law suit by a couple of mining companies, when we first released the extent of illegal mining in Goa.

Goa is a real estate gold mine!

Sometimes I am disheartened because I am disillusioned about the fact that I hope that a government we elect will actually work for the benefits of us Goans first. But that is foolish to hope for in the first place, because Goa stopped being about Goans some 15 years back when business houses and real estate players started eyeing the vast lands of Goa for their projects.

Apolitical in a political game never works!

Having spent the last three days in the power capital of the country and even visiting the parliament, the interactions I have had with different political friends across political parties on the ‘Anna Phenomenon’ got me thinking that at the end many believe that the politicians have won because Team Anna fell under the pressure of its own weight of expectations.