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Nobody threatens my daughters…

I am extremely disappointed and disgusted about the incidents over the last two days, which started with Congress candidate from Benaulim Valanka Alemao calling me on my cell, abusing me, raising the issue of my two daughters

Calm before the Storm…

Nothing can be as unpredictable as the allotment of tickets during an election; this is because in politics besides winability and credibility, bank balance also plays a major role to most parties whether it is national or regional.

50 Years…Let’s Keep Moving Forward…

We celebrate 50 Years of Goa Liberation Day today. The mood of the people is one of nostalgia and a bit of disappointment as well. This is mainly due to the fact that while we have been liberated from the shackles of the colonial rule, we are now bound by the shackles of the corruption rule.

We must find Mithun Shinde…

It’s been eighteen days since Mithun Shinde left the Tito’s Bar with his friends and ventured out on to the Baga Beach in the wee hours of the morning; being slightly intoxicated Mithun and friends fell off to sleep on the sand.

Miss Bollywood is attending…

I remember being dragged by a friend to witness the grand show of Mickky Pacheco’s birthday party and everyone on the dais paid their homage by giving their speeches on the great works of the MLA of Benaulim and former Tourism minister, but when the two Bollywood divas entered Amrita Rao and Riya Sen all proceedings on the stage was called to a stand-still and the cake was brought forward for the cutting. However, while normally you would expect an ecstatic behavior of the crowd which was huge, nobody went hysterical seeing these two Divas. After the cake cutting ceremony both Divas gave their two bit speech on how great Goa is and why they love Goa. Media of course went berserk trying to get the image of the politician and Bollywood Divas. The people looked at the spectacle had their drinks and food before proceeding home.

Should we Blacklist ‘Herald’?

A lot has been said and a lot will be said about the integrity of ‘Herald’ – its management and owner Raul Fernandes and its editor Sujay Gupta. Frankly speaking Mayabhushan Nagvenkar’s sting operation has put Herald in an unpredictable situation.

Need for a stronger regional party for the people of Goa

A lot has been said about the state of political affairs and bad governance in Goa, but nothing can or will change it if the people of Goa do not make an effort to bring about a change in this state of affairs. We cannot keep complaining all the time, if we know that some things are wrong then we need to have the fortitude and courage to stand up to our convictions and work ‘Towards a Better Goa’.

No checks or balances…Our resources plundered!

Nothing surprised and shocked me more during our investigations into the illegal mining in Goa than the fact that the Secretary of Mines Government of Goa and Director of Mines, Directorate of Mines & Geology in a meeting on May 5th 2010 told the Estimates Committee that the government has no mechanism of knowing how much iron-ore has been mined from a particular site and that the only way they get their records is through what the mining companies file in their IT Returns.

Goa Is ‘Mine’ To Gang Rape

All India Congress Committee (AICC) President Sonia Gandhi in defense to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) allegations of the Congress party involvement in illegal mining in Goa; especially the demand of the resignation of Chief Minister Digambar Kamat and CBI probe, sent its Goa In-Charge Jagmeet Singh Brar to investigate the charges. Of course from the time he was picked up at the airport by Churchill Alemao and hosted by the PWD Minister at the Taj Exotica, the intent of Brar and the Congress party was clear; the rape of Goa because of illegal mining was not their concern; evading a political crisis was the main aim.