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We are India! Aamir

Let me introduce myself. I am an entrepreneur and a journalist from Goa. I have been an admirer of your movies for three reasons their topics, their entertainment value and...

This is Cowardice! Mr Parsekar

I have made no bones earlier about my complete lack of confidence in your ability to hold the position of the chair of the Chief Minister of Goa. That opinion...

An Ode to Fr Bismarque

Father Bismarque was a simple man with a simple mission in life ‘Save Goa’ from those working towards destroying its social, environmental and cultural foundations. His enemy was the enemy...

This is Goa! Respect It!

The word Goa evokes strong sentiments, a blessed land naturally gifted with a genteel people, its long coast washed by the warm waters of the Arabian sea,  fertile farms and waters that yield a living to all its people.

Happy Bangles Day!

Time to celebrate ‘Happy Bangles Day’
We Goans should be ashamed in every way
A seven-year old girl in school is raped
The crime under political clout is draped

Return of the ‘self-exiled’ son!

Luizinho Faleiro has always been one crafty, witty and determined politician that has been an immense learning experience to observe. Having interacted with this politician cum statesman on numerous occasions in Goa and New Delhi, his chutzpah never seems to amaze me.