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Mr Parrikar when can we see ‘Jail Birds’ and ‘Recovery’

I do not know your game plan on the mining issue and neither am I questioning your integrity. I am just a scribe who spent a considerable time investigating and exposing illegal mining in the state. Our data and research was also appreciated by the Shah Commission team and you know this fact as well and even complemented my team on our job especially when we put up the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report – you were surprised how we got a copy of it.

Keep politics away from ‘Dabolim-Mopa’ Conundrum!

“Savio, Mopa airport decision is a political decision. Neither you nor I can do anything about it or reason with the government on this,” expressed a former Airports Authority of India (AAI Director) who had done the first feasibility study on Mopa (at that time his brief was only Mopa as the Central and State government felt Dabolim with its restrictions would saturate). So I retorted, “So should we just allow the Centre or State ignore the facts because of politics.”

DGCA Airport License: Centre, State Must Get It To Secure Dabolim

While the ‘No to Mopa’ agitation continues to pick up steam in South Goa and moves onwards to North Goa, not known to many Anti-Mopa activists taking on the cause to ‘Save Dabolim’ that at this point of time Dabolim International Airport is not even a Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) licensed airport for international operations.

‘Toppling Games’ or ‘Cat-Away Past Times’

I read with much amusement some media reports and Facebook posts about the attempt to topple the BJP-led government, while Parrikar was away on his London Trip. I say it was amusing, not because it is not possible to topple the Parrikar government but because to execute such an act would require money, strategy, commitment and above all some sacrifice. All of the above mentioned reasons are missing in the motley crew whose names have been doing the rounds for some months now.

The ‘Baboon’ Team!

I am sure not many of my friends in  Congress High Command would like this particular editorial of mine. Those at the local unit too might feel flushed by my words of truth.

Police a Punching Bag for Society Ills!

The over a thousand people mob that turned into a violent rampage last Sunday on account of the alleged kidnapping of a 14-year old girl at Varca by eight tourists from Indore, Madhya Pradesh were controlled by a motley crew of 13 police officers. Media carried the news that the police resorted to firing and lathi charge while the mob pelted stones.

The Playboy Game!

For the uninitiated, Playboy is synonymous with adult-entertainment across the globe. From magazines it evolved into night-clubs for those socialites that prefer to have the night-club experience with a dash of adult-entertainment and titillation.

Time to get the money back, I accept the challenge Mr Parrikar!

The people of Goa must be grateful to your tenacity and persistence in exposing the gross illegalities and irregularities in the mining sector over the last couple years while you were the Leader of Opposition. Up until then the concept or term of illegal mining was not known to most of the Goans; even though the illegality must have existed in small measures.

You have failed the ‘Seven-Year Old’ Mr Parrikar!

Reams of news print will be written dissecting your performance and that of your government over the last one-year, some will portray you as a master trickster and others will portray you as the master-blaster of governance; it is a known fact that your other colleagues are mere puppets, you are the government, so therefore your government’s performance is quiet simply a reflection of your own performance of the Chief Minister.

Awaiting Two Airports Feasibility: Mr. Parrikar

Early 2012, had approached the new Chief Minister of Goa, Manohar Parrikar to address precisely one question, “How can Dabolim and Mopa both co-exist and be technically feasible and economically viable?”