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After Shah Commission Report! Now What…

I am not at all surprised about the contents of the Justice MB Shah report on ‘Illegal Mining’ in Goa, as we have been exposing the issue of illegal mining aggressively and even faced a defamation law suit by a couple of mining companies, when we first released the extent of illegal mining in Goa.

Goa is a real estate gold mine!

Sometimes I am disheartened because I am disillusioned about the fact that I hope that a government we elect will actually work for the benefits of us Goans first. But that is foolish to hope for in the first place, because Goa stopped being about Goans some 15 years back when business houses and real estate players started eyeing the vast lands of Goa for their projects.

Apolitical in a political game never works!

Having spent the last three days in the power capital of the country and even visiting the parliament, the interactions I have had with different political friends across political parties on the ‘Anna Phenomenon’ got me thinking that at the end many believe that the politicians have won because Team Anna fell under the pressure of its own weight of expectations.

Mr Azgaonkar, Please Grow Up!

Over the last three weeks the tussle between Manohar (Babu) Azgaonkar and Pratima Coutinho has been making amusing reading. And strangely this entire episode has got nothing to do with Babu’s concern for the vendors, instead it has to do with the MMC vice-chairperson, Coutinho not clearing his file on some illegal structural changes that he wants done at his MMC allotted shop.

100 days of Parrikar Government!

I must say this quite openly that many people I have interacted with since this government has come into power under the leadership of Manohar Parrikar; were hopeful and optimistic about the kind of governance the state would witness in the months to come. 

A Hindu Nation…What Does It Mean?

I am Indian. Born a Christian. Lived abroad for most part of my life. I believed I had a lot to contribute to the country of my origin so I chose to come back. I am not a Hindu by virtue of my religious upbringing or preference. But I do love my country, its rich cultural heritage and its traditions.

Unite or Divide…

The covert manipulations of the BJP to ensure that their Cortalim candidate Alina Saldanha wins unopposed should be looked at in admiration.

Parrikar is Parrikar! Whether CM or not…

It is with great interest I read a recent blog on ‘Goa CM flies the way you and I do’ which portrayed the humane side of Parrikar devoid of any ministerial airs. And I am surprised that people are surprised about it, because this is Manohar Parrikar whether CM or not.