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Time to get the money back, I accept the challenge Mr Parrikar!

The people of Goa must be grateful to your tenacity and persistence in exposing the gross illegalities and irregularities in the mining sector over the last couple years while you were the Leader of Opposition. Up until then the concept or term of illegal mining was not known to most of the Goans; even though the illegality must have existed in small measures.

You have failed the ‘Seven-Year Old’ Mr Parrikar!

Reams of news print will be written dissecting your performance and that of your government over the last one-year, some will portray you as a master trickster and others will portray you as the master-blaster of governance; it is a known fact that your other colleagues are mere puppets, you are the government, so therefore your government’s performance is quiet simply a reflection of your own performance of the Chief Minister.

Awaiting Two Airports Feasibility: Mr. Parrikar

Early 2012, had approached the new Chief Minister of Goa, Manohar Parrikar to address precisely one question, “How can Dabolim and Mopa both co-exist and be technically feasible and economically viable?”

A Tribute to Delhi’s Gang Rape Victim

Here is a poem I wrote as a tribute to the young girl who died after a most gruesome crime; may she continue to inspire the fight for a safer country for our women and children-


Here is a story of a young woman

With hopes and dreams to life

Someday become a successful doctor

Someday be a doting mother and wife

Don’t put a Cape over Rape!

The gang-rape incident that happened in Delhi last Sunday on a 23-year old girl in a moving bus has sent the nation on vengeance drive.  No amount of words can be used to describe the thoughts or emotions going on in the mind of the innocent girl, her family and friends.

The POL-Drums on Dabolim!

Anticipated closure of Dabolim Airport once Mopa Airport get finally constructed has in the past and will in present as well as future be one of key issue that politicians will raise the sounds of political war drums. Mostly, political forces from South Goa will not miss an opportunity to drive a wedge into any political party progressing on the Mopa front.

An Open Letter to Mr Geldof!

It was wonderful to have known that you were in Goa for an event, that last time around also courted controversy. This time though, you added a new dimension to that controversy.

War against ‘Garbage’!

You might be surprised by the headline. But it is not what we as Goans need to do; wage a war against garbage and the authorities who cannot get about setting the garbage issue right in the state either through information or action.

An Open Letter to Mr Parrikar

Having known and interacted with you at different levels in the past two years, I have come to believe that in comparison to most Goan politicians I have met, you certainly are the most intelligent, determined and dedicated; more importantly you came across as man so committed to a cause – that being the betterment of Goa; and working towards Zero-Corruption had always been your mantra even in your previous stint as Chief Minister, you tried to work towards it, but, you could only manage some success.