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Obesity in women affects three generations

Women who are obese and eat high-fat, high-sugar diets can cause multiple generations to develop metabolic problems, even if the offspring consume healthy diets, a new study has found. While...

DNA Viruses on Human Skin are Viral Dark Matter

Most DNA viruses on healthy human skin are viral ‘dark matter’ that have never been described before, according to researchers who used state-of-the-art techniques to survey the skin’s virus population,...

Mental Health, A Global Priority

The UN World Mental Health Day is being celebrated on 10th October with the Theme ‘The Great Push: Investing in Mental Health’.
Mental, behavioral and neurological disorders are common in all countries around the world, causing immense agony and staggering economic and social costs. People with any disorder are mostly subjected to an isolated social life, poor life quality and higher death rates.

The Science Of Rhythmic Breathing

Nature of Project
No man is perfect. However, every healthy baby is born perfect. Somewhere down the line, imperfection creeps in insidiously in every individual, resulting in gross imperfections in quality of life (QOL) of each individual. Even the person, who has a higher QOL, can enjoy a much higher QOL if this insidiously creeping imperfection is disabled.

Beware: Milk Powder Contaminated With Melamine

With growing incidence of milk powder coming from China being contaminated with Melamine, health authorities of various countries has asked China to thoroughly investigate the milk processing industry in their country.

Melamine is used for industrial purpose to prepare melawares which is crockery that can also be used in the micro wave. Besides, it is also used for home decorations.

Thyroid Disorders Affecting 4.2 Crore Indians Every Year

Ahead of World Thyroid Day, the message from the Indian Thyroid Society and Abbott India Limited is that untreated thyroid disorders are very common and it is estimated that 4.2 crore Indians are suffering from thyroid disorders with almost 90 per cent undiagnosed. Often people suffer from different ailments completely unaware that these could be linked to thyroid dysfunction. Thyroid problem is perhaps the second most common endocrine disease next to diabetes.

Thyroid Dysfunction During Pregnancy — A Threat To Foetus

Uncontrolled hormone levels during pregnancy are a severe threat to maternal and fetal health. Hormone imbalance, particularly thyroid dysfunction can cause congestive heart failure, preeclampsia (high blood pressure during pregnancy), anaemia, miscarriage, low birth weight, stillbirth, or heart failure in the newborn.
Iodine deficiency in a pregnant woman can cause a congenital abnormality in the child, known as cretinism, a congenital, serious, irreversible condition with severe cognitive and mental disability, resulting in growth retardation and developmental delay.

Ayurveda Is A Way Of Life, Not Merely Medicine

Ayur- ved – philosophical knowledge of life – literally means more than just a medicine system. It is a blend of science, art and philosophy of knowledge for understanding life and maintaining it healthy – physically, mentally, spiritually too.