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Exclusive Interview – Mithun Mahambrey

“60% of the audience prefer heroic roles whereas 40% negative”

GC: Mithun, your name is identified largely with a very popular Bollywood star of the 80s; tell us about yourself and the story behind your name.
MM: My dad is from Goa and my mom from Karnataka.  My mom and my uncle (mother’s brother) who is a doctor as well as an actor in Karnataka liked the hero of the 80’s Mithun Chakravarthy. 


Exclusive Interview – Cecille Lee Rodrigues

“The toughest part would be to smile through my agonies during the performances. DID Super Mom was a very painful and stressful experience for me”

“DID Super Mom” Cecille Lee Rodrigues’ Exclusive tête-à-tête with 


Exclusive Interview – Kevin D’Mello

1) Where were you discovered and how did you get your first break?

I was discovered by Sir Prajal Sakhardande when he saw me performing a song (Kantar) composed by my dad. He felt I could act and gave me the opportunity to act in a Konkani film “Just a minute”.