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Goa Black Money Ghost – Rs 49,000 Crore in Swiss Banks brings in exclusive expose into the recently revealed list of 700 names of account holders who are businessmen, politician, bureaucrats and power-brokers from India and their stashed money in Swiss Banks which was released last month by the French Government. Enforcement Directorate has revealed that twenty-three politicians from Goa and owners of four mining companies feature in the list….



How educated are the members of the Goa Legislative Assembly?

In the first part we highlighted the educational qualifications of the Cabinet ministers of the Congress-led government in the state; in this part of the investigation highlights the educational qualifications of all the members of the Goa Legislative Assembly.

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How educated are the Goa Ministers?

With the on-going deliberations over education and in particular the Medium of Instruction (MoI), decided to pull up the affidavits filed by the Congress-led government Cabinet Ministers during their 2007 elections. Here is what we found.

DB Realty Goa Project: Why did Goa Government Go Soft?

Government of Goa had initially taken a firm stand against the DB Realty Goa Project on account of the Goa Bachao Abhiyan (GBA) fierce agitation in 2006; however in the months ahead, post meetings that transpired between the government authorities and the promoters; Goa government change its stance in favor of the promoters. investigates…

DB Realty Goa Project: Missing Files & Political Ties!

The on-going investigations by CBI into the various business enterprises and real estate assets of 2G Scam accused Shahid Balwa of DB Realty is to now bring the controversial Aldeia de Goa project into the eye of the storm and it is to also raise serious questions on the role of Goa Government on the reasons behind the clearance of the project even though it appears to be in violations of Central and State laws. investigates…

Goa Casinos – Money Laundering & Counterfeit Money Racket brings you yet another startling expose on the new details coming out from the Hassan Ali investigations and its link to Goa – companies and politicians; this time the Enforcement Directorate radar has been put on the casinos in Goa as on-going investigations indicate that they are one of the conduits to money-laundering and counterfeit money racket.

Black Money Trail: Goa Politicians under Intelligence Agencies Radar

In a shocking development in the investigations surrounding the Black Money stashed by politicians and high-level business houses in other countries, Central Intelligence Agencies have exclusively revealed to that prominent politicians and businessmen from Goa names feature in their investigations and have come under their radar. A exclusive…


Dabolim Airport Land Acquisition Scam: CMs Questionable Role

In the first part of our expose titled ‘Dabolim Airport Land Acquisition Scam’ through our investigations we revealed the dubious circumstances around which land in the final stages of acquisition for the AAI Airport parking facility was de-notified; in this part throws light on the role of the Chief Minister of Goa in this scam.


The ‘Dabolim Airport’ Land Acquisition Scam

As early as 2007, Goa government agrees to acquire land, notifies land for acquisition to be given to Airports Authority of India for Airport parking facility. But in 2011 the Government of Goa denotifies the land on objection from claimed owners of the land, it then identifies another 70,000 sqmts land for parking which turns out to be belonging to the Ministry of Defence. investigates the conundrum surrounding the Dabolim Airport Land…

Stop Giving Bribes : RTO Holds Documents For Bribes

That every government department is a hot bed of bribes is a known fact. In fact, facilitation money is come to be an accepted term to get any work done and not only people have come to live with it, but in some offices there are people who survive by acting as agents for the officials to collect their bribes.