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Goans Now ‘LAB’ Rats!

In 2010 as many as 462 people have died on account of clinical trials in India.  Goa, however, officially reported no death over clinical trials; yet over the past years clinical research, as an industry has been growing in Goa with consent from the Directorate of Health Services bringing with it the fear of local Goans becoming laboratory rats sometimes with their consent and sometimes without… investigates into the yet unforeseen danger.

Peninsula + Delta=Land Grab + Casinos

Besides K Raheja Corporation the other company in the forefront of the SEZ Land Scam has been the Peninsula Land Limited (PLL) – a part of the Ashok Piramal Group under guises of different companies. investigates further into the Peninsula’s land activities, its relationship with Delta Corp – a company known for its casino operations in Goa who is also currently under cloud for operating its off-shore ‘Casino Royale’ without appropriate government permissions…
Even the matter of SEZ Land Allotment has been scrapped by the High Court Order dated 26th November 2010.
 As on January 5, 2011 this is what the website says about its activities, “Peninsula Land Limited (PLL), the real estate arm of the brand Peninsula, is one of the first real estate companies listed on the stock exchange. All the real estate developments of Peninsula are carried under this flagship company.

Church Shame: From Men of God to Real Estate Brokers

While Goa reels under different land acquisition tactics employed by real estate developers; the Archdiocese of Goa though a strong supporter against rampant acquisitions of land, has in turn sold church property to Mahendra Gaunekar who then sold it to the Ozone Developers – a Bangalore-based real estate company for a handsome price and considerable equity in the project as well. exposes the sinful act of the Church in Goa


Child Abuse in Goa – Silence of the Lambs!

Child Abuse though a serious offence and a growing menace in Goa; the taboo surrounding this crime is what makes it one of the most difficult and sensitive issue to keep a control over; takes you through a report conducted from 2004 till 2009 by Children’s Right in Goa (CRG) across over 30 schools in Goa involving students of Class 7 aged between ten to fifteen years. It is startling, but more importantly disheartening to see what our children’s views on Child Abuse are;


SEZ Land Scam: Luzinho, Rane, Sequeira Crucify Goa


Pratapsingh Rane – the then Chief Minister of Goa, Luzinho Faleiro – the then Minister for Industries and Alexio Sequeira – the then Minister for Power as well as director of the Goa Industrial Development Corporation; were the three ministers who intentionally favored the allotment of government lands to certain applicants, who in reality were merely real estate brokers, by circumventing certain established guidelines. By  issuing letters of recommendations favoring some applicants and endorsing a decision at an illegal meeting, they have caused a loss of crores of rupees to the public exchequer, which amount will hopefully be quantified by the Public Accounts Committee.

SEZ Land Scam: Crucify Goa – Part 1

While the Christian community around the world spent their time from April 12 to April 19th 2006 remembering the sacrifice of Jesus Christ; the people of Goa were deliberately being led to the cross to be crucified. Over 18.77 lakh square meters of land under the guise of the Special Economic Zones were set aside to prominent real estate developers by officials of the Goa Industrial Development Corporation on the behest of the ministers in the Government of Goa.  Goa brings you an exclusive expose into the Unholy Week – April 2006.

Rogue Transport Office (R.T.O) Exposed!

From paying Rs 400 under table to get a professional license of a four wheeler to paying Rs 5000 to renew fitness certificate without bringing in the vehicle; from registering vehicles without address to issuing three RCs books to the same vehicle; Goa Chronicle exposes the corruption in the RTO offices across Goa with substantiating evidence we bring you an insight into this high-level corruption involving some senior members of this department.

An Officer of Road Transport when he was working at the Margao office had re-registered seven vehicles from Dharwad; one such vehicle bearing the number GA-02-U-5853 was issued three RC books. One book is of 1999 model. The second fresh RC book is of 2002 model issued in order to avail of bank loan to show that the vehicle was a new one. And the third RC book is of 1998 issued in order to get benefit of insurance as a third party. Incidentally, the owner of the vehicle cannot be traced and the address given at the time of registration cannot be validated.