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How educated are the members of the Goa Legislative Assembly?

In the first part we highlighted the educational qualifications of the Cabinet ministers of the Congress-led government in the state; in this part of the investigation highlights the educational qualifications of all the members of the Goa Legislative Assembly.

How educated are the Goa Ministers?

With the on-going deliberations over education and in particular the Medium of Instruction (MoI), decided to pull up the affidavits filed by the Congress-led government Cabinet Ministers during their 2007 elections. Here is what we found.

DB Realty Goa Project: Why did Goa Government Go Soft?

Government of Goa had initially taken a firm stand against the DB Realty Goa Project on account of the Goa Bachao Abhiyan (GBA) fierce agitation in 2006; however in the months ahead, post meetings that transpired between the government authorities and the promoters; Goa government change its stance in favor of the promoters. investigates…

DB Realty Goa Project: Missing Files & Political Ties!

The on-going investigations by CBI into the various business enterprises and real estate assets of 2G Scam accused Shahid Balwa of DB Realty is to now bring the controversial Aldeia de Goa project into the eye of the storm and it is to also raise serious questions on the role of Goa Government on the reasons behind the clearance of the project even though it appears to be in violations of Central and State laws. investigates…

Goa Casinos – Money Laundering & Counterfeit Money Racket brings you yet another startling expose on the new details coming out from the Hassan Ali investigations and its link to Goa – companies and politicians; this time the Enforcement Directorate radar has been put on the casinos in Goa as on-going investigations indicate that they are one of the conduits to money-laundering and counterfeit money racket.

Yediurappa and BJP’s moment of reckoning

It was sometime in 1997 during the  Chief  Ministership of veteran socialist leader J. H. Patel in Karnataka that B. S. Yediurappa made a three hour long speech in the Assembly as the Leader of Opposition on a small incident in Mysore and demanded the resignation of J. H. Patel on moral grounds.

Mani Shankar Aiyar’s ire

Congress MP from Rajya Sabha, Mr Mani Shankar Aiyar is one of the extraordinary politicians in the present era. His sharp comments and acerbic tongue often lands him in trouble. Whether it was the verbal brawl with Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh or his comparison of Muhammad Ali Jinnah  of Pakistan with Veer Savarkar, he always hit the headlines for the wrong reasons

Raja ka Baaja

When the 2G spectrum hit the frontline of the national   media, a very old friend of mine who hardly understands jargons like spectrum, Antrix, inclusive growth and so on, wryly quipped: “Bhaiya Raja bajayega Baaja”. Almost 16 months later, his word has become prophetic and former union minister has once again proved beyond doubt that ”Hum to doobenge hi sanam, tumko bhi le doobenge”.

Uleak Zap Di, Missed Opportunities

Prince Jacob’s latest offering Uleak Zap Di is an attempt at overkill due to which a golden opportunity to discuss ‘development’ has been fritted away. It also suffers from a hangover of the much acclaimed Kenna Ut’tolo which was supposed to be a wakeup call to Goas.


Ragging suddenly became a fashionable campus activity and students began to play practical jokes on newcomers/juniors or freshers. The dictionary defines ragging as a noisy disorderly conduct, annual parade of students in fancy dress to collect money for charity, playing rough jokes or throwing into wild disorder a person’s room etc.