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The Black Money Sins of India brings you an exclusive look into the 18 names of politicians, businessmen, bureaucrats and power brokers in India who names feature in the list of 700 names given by the French Government to the Indian government of Swiss Bank account holders we have managed to find out…

Goa Black Money Ghost – Rs 49,000 Crore in Swiss Banks brings in exclusive expose into the recently revealed list of 700 names of account holders who are businessmen, politician, bureaucrats and power-brokers from India and their stashed money in Swiss Banks which was released last month by the French Government. Enforcement Directorate has revealed that twenty-three politicians from Goa and owners of four mining companies feature in the list….


Bury the hatchet… B.B.S.M.

Every day I open the newspapers   and there is a report covering  a meeting organized by the B.B.S.M.   and what do I read? It’s venom and venom spat out by these frustrated bunch of pseudo leaders in the B.B.S.M. against Goan parents and against the Diocesan Society Education.

Predators Amongst Us

I received this mail with the writer preferring not to reveal his or her identity. As the issues raised are very relevant, I thought I would share it with the readers.

NHRC To Act Against Goa Government

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has taken a serious note of the failure of the Goa administration to respond to the notice as well as reminder it had sent with regards to the atrocities committed on the tribal population of Cavrem village.

Treading on the same path yet again?

It is said that there is no armor against destiny. That has been proved once again with the sudden departure of Congress President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to USA for an operation at a time when the Congress party was coming under attack from all corners both inside and outside Parliament. But then the Congress party has faced such scenarios in the past and got over them as well. Before leaving for her operation, Mrs. Gandhi appointed a four member team to look after the party affairs.

How educated are the members of the Goa Legislative Assembly?

In the first part we highlighted the educational qualifications of the Cabinet ministers of the Congress-led government in the state; in this part of the investigation highlights the educational qualifications of all the members of the Goa Legislative Assembly.

How educated are the Goa Ministers?

With the on-going deliberations over education and in particular the Medium of Instruction (MoI), decided to pull up the affidavits filed by the Congress-led government Cabinet Ministers during their 2007 elections. Here is what we found.

DB Realty Goa Project: Why did Goa Government Go Soft?

Government of Goa had initially taken a firm stand against the DB Realty Goa Project on account of the Goa Bachao Abhiyan (GBA) fierce agitation in 2006; however in the months ahead, post meetings that transpired between the government authorities and the promoters; Goa government change its stance in favor of the promoters. investigates…

DB Realty Goa Project: Missing Files & Political Ties!

The on-going investigations by CBI into the various business enterprises and real estate assets of 2G Scam accused Shahid Balwa of DB Realty is to now bring the controversial Aldeia de Goa project into the eye of the storm and it is to also raise serious questions on the role of Goa Government on the reasons behind the clearance of the project even though it appears to be in violations of Central and State laws. investigates…