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Free India, Liberated Goa – Mayem Still an ‘Evacuee Property’

While India moves into its 65th Year of Independence and this is the Golden Jubilee Year of Goa’s Liberation, Mayem – a village in Goa of 30,000 villagers continues to stay on land designated as an ‘Evacuee Property’ and its villagers are waiting to be truly liberated. investigates whether it is truly a government deadlock or does the reason have more to do with mining in the area…

Save ‘Music’, ban “Noise”

My college professor once told me that in the beginning the entire world was a ‘chaos’ of solid matter, water, gases and chemicals. Then God played music and brought order out of this ‘chaos’ making it a world full of ‘measures & systems ‘.  Music made the world a better place to live in.   
Music is certainly a wonderful thing.  It is one of God’s best creations. Could there be anyone in this world that does not like music? No and there never will be. Still however, in recent times, there are quite a few people who have started looking at music through dark glasses.

Change of guard imminent in Congress Party now ??

The congress suddenly appears to have been caught  in  crisis situation marked by confusion on policy issues, lack of trust in the leadership, sudden illness of Mrs Sonia Gandhi  and an intensification of internecine battles. Whether this situation will lead to a full-blown power struggle and upheaval within the party is still uncertain. Rrecent developments however  clearly show that the crisis is accentuating by the day, with open expressions of discontent from all sections within the party on a variety of issues facing the nation  including a section of  top leadership. Central to these developments is the not-so-veiled criticism levelled against party president Sonia Gandhi’s style of functioning and the coterie around her by such senior leaders who are mostly from Rajya Sabha and who have no mass base or appeal at national level. 

Names of Goa Politicians on Intelligence Agencies Watch

 In our expose ‘Black Money Trail: Goa Politicians under Intelligence Agencies Radar’ we mentioned that politicians of Goa of cabinet rank status and members of the Goa Legislative Assembly were being watched by the Central Intelligence agencies as part of their investigations following the black money trail especially Hassan Ali money-laundering racket. now exposes the politicians under radar…

The Black Money Sins of India brings you an exclusive look into the 18 names of politicians, businessmen, bureaucrats and power brokers in India who names feature in the list of 700 names given by the French Government to the Indian government of Swiss Bank account holders we have managed to find out…

Goa Black Money Ghost – Rs 49,000 Crore in Swiss Banks brings in exclusive expose into the recently revealed list of 700 names of account holders who are businessmen, politician, bureaucrats and power-brokers from India and their stashed money in Swiss Banks which was released last month by the French Government. Enforcement Directorate has revealed that twenty-three politicians from Goa and owners of four mining companies feature in the list….


Bury the hatchet… B.B.S.M.

Every day I open the newspapers   and there is a report covering  a meeting organized by the B.B.S.M.   and what do I read? It’s venom and venom spat out by these frustrated bunch of pseudo leaders in the B.B.S.M. against Goan parents and against the Diocesan Society Education.

Predators Amongst Us

I received this mail with the writer preferring not to reveal his or her identity. As the issues raised are very relevant, I thought I would share it with the readers.

NHRC To Act Against Goa Government

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has taken a serious note of the failure of the Goa administration to respond to the notice as well as reminder it had sent with regards to the atrocities committed on the tribal population of Cavrem village.

Treading on the same path yet again?

It is said that there is no armor against destiny. That has been proved once again with the sudden departure of Congress President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to USA for an operation at a time when the Congress party was coming under attack from all corners both inside and outside Parliament. But then the Congress party has faced such scenarios in the past and got over them as well. Before leaving for her operation, Mrs. Gandhi appointed a four member team to look after the party affairs.