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Young Goans living in Mumbai

If you were like me, a young Goan born in the deserts of Kuwait and lived most of your adult life in Mumbai, you too would have often wondered how it could be possible to still passionately love a state that only traces back to you through your family roots.  Yet, be that as it may, I am sure, like me, you too are proud to be called a goenkar and the affinity you have for Goa only grows with time.

Maim, What is this? Is a let down

Anifa Productions’ Maim, What is this?, while breaking new ground on Konkani stage and having some scintillating performances by the cast, overall is a disappointment as it suffers from being politically correct, lacks in character build up and fails miserably in the stage setting.
Not withstanding the disclaimer by Director Anil Kumar that the tiatr is not based on any person living or dead, it is totally based on the sordid saga of Nadia Torado’s tragic death with only the names of the characters changed and the climax being different as the end in Nadia’s case has not yet arrived.

Desai Girl for Desi Tourism

I am little surprised and amused at the same time; Prachi Desai – Goa Tourism Ambassador.  According to Swapnil Naik, director, Goa Tourism, “She is fit to be the brand ambassador of Goa which is visited by many youngsters. She is modern and still has traditional values”.

I would like to understand by what yardstick has the new tourism minister, who frankly seems like a fish out of water and director of tourism has measured that Ms Desai is the most suitable brand ambassador to promote Goa.  Prachi Desai hails from Valsad in Gujarat. Isn’t it surprising that we need a Gujarati to promote Goa; I suppose Gujarat Tourism will be looking for Charmaine Shackleton?

Home Sweet Home

‘Home is where the heart is’ a famous old saying and that couldn’t’ be furthest from the truth when you think of a Goan who leaves behind his lovely Goa to forge ahead in search of a living outside her sandy shores.  You may be able to take a Goan out of Goa, but you definitely can’t take Goa away from the heart of a true Goan, and this great pride is prevalent in almost every Goan you may meet.

The Goan community is a fun loving bunch of individuals.  They symbolise the very essence of the beautiful State.  Ask a Goan what he loves about Goa, and he’ll tell you it’s a paradise on earth, a place unlike any other in the world.  For a Goan, Goa is home, is comfort, is pride, is joy, it emotes a sense of belonging.

Nadia Dies, Micky Cries and Police Tries!

Goa entertained itself for a whole month and a half on the Nadia-Micky-Police soap opera. It undoubtedly had all the ingredients of a Bollywood potboiler – death, police chase and legal drama. The public was drawn to the case like a fish drawn to hook at the end of a fish rod line. There were Micky supporters playing the loyal brigade, while the cops playing dutiful holders of the law. Opinions on character, morality and degeneration of Goa were rampant and expressive. But what while all these shenanigans went on the true essence of the case seemed to get more diluted as the facts to case continue to remain hidden and stored amongst the main protagonist in this plot; one of whom is dead.

Women’s Rights are Human Rights

There is a general abuse of human rights all over the world. We, in Goa are not too far behind. Women’s rights are human rights.
Abuse of women’s rights begins at inception. Aborted female fetuses after sex determination tests deprive the faetice its right to be born as a female child.  Female foeticide is a common phenomenon. The disproportionate ratio of male and female speaks volumes for this. Families control the birth of female children because they believe that female children are a financial burden on the family. If the child bearing woman does not heed the demand to abort the foetus then her life in that family is hell.  If she is allowed to be born then in certain parts of India there is a practice of female infanticide. Basically a woman does not have control over her reproductive system.

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