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Carambolim Lake

Being a stickler for nature and serene surroundings, I decided to venture out on a lovely Sunday morning from Panjim to one of the most remarkably tranquil destination of Goa, the Carambolim Lake, a scenic Reservoir fringed by lush greenery and known to be one of the most interesting and picturesque wildlife preservation in Goa. Located 12 Kms from Panjim, near Karmali Railway Station on the Konkan Route just a few kilometers south-east of Old Goa, it was a scenic drive through the countryside of Karmali, which usually has good transportation availability. 

Te Ambeache Dis…

Yesterday it was a windy evening… that cool evening breeze was full of seducing mango flower smell. Aaie said in the morning while sipping her tea.. “baba, ondu aambe soglle futleat (chovorleat) moore poddona zalear pik borem mevtole”…

Handy Kitchen Tips

1.  Removing garlic skin is tedious and can consume a lot of time, especially when you’re in a hurry. Warm garlic cloves in the microwave slightly and you’ll see the...

Shrimp Zucchini Low Carb Lunch

Serves 2

2 large zucchinis washed well skin on cut into small cubes
20 medium to large sized shrimps shelled and de-veined