Chidambaram Stands by ‘Saffron’ Comment, Digvijay Has Objections

Even as Home Minister P Chidambaram stood by his use of “saffron terror’ phrase, senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh said he had objection to usage of that term.
Chidambaram stood by his statement arguing that it had brought home the message of right-wing terrorism. However, he said the party was supreme and pointed out that prior to him, many others had used the term.
He recalled that in 2001 ‘saffronisation of education’ was a term used even in the Parliament and added that many UPA members too had used the word earlier.

The BJP and Shiv Sena had raised this matter in the Parliament and the Congress had tried to distance itself from the statement by affirming that terror had no colour.
Meanwhile, Digvijay Singh declared that he had objection to using caste, religion or colour to describe terror.
As he has been credited with coining the phrase first in the Congress Party, Digvijay asserted that saffron symboloises valour and has religious connotations and reiterated that terror cannot have aby colour.
He preferred to use the word ‘fundamentalism’ as he said terrorism in the country arises from fundamentalists amongst Hindus and Muslims.

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