Gift your child ‘self-belief’

Being a parent is a calling. If you are one, then you are blessed with the gift to contribute to nature’s wonderful plan of evolution of humankind. You are the co-creator and co-architect of a masterpiece – your beautiful child.

The birth of child fills parents with many dreams, aspirations and some worries. We want the world for them and we strive to bring the world to them. We protect them from the evils that plague our society. Like a co-architect we plan, design and shape their thoughts, values, aptitude and attitude to live in society.
imperative touch which distinguishes a masterpiece for any other work of art.
While we get busy painting our masterpiece – our child – with some vibrant colors and awe inspiring features; let us not forget the most important glimmer and sheen on our child is that of self-belief.

Self-belief is the glimmer and sheen that most people in our society will hide from your child. It is that

Sometimes as parents we hide ‘self-belief’ from our child. Maybe it is because we have allowed ourselves to accept that we ourselves are not masterpieces, we do not have the shimmer and sheen to be a masterpiece. We then pass on our insecurities, fears, clouded thoughts and values to our child. The fact is that you, yourself are a masterpiece and the reason your child will also be a masterpiece because of you.

Teach your child to believe – believe in themselves, in their skills, in their dreams, in their strengths and most of all in life.

In a society that is shaping young minds to be icon-centric, teach them to find their own identity because truly each child in the world is unique and we need to teach our child to believe in this.

In society which is cynical, teach them that there is no competition; there is only an evolution of the mind, body and soul. Teach them living is not a burden of a day but journey to attain enlightenment.

Teach your child to find the beauty and brilliance within.

Give your child the gift of ‘self-belief’. They will cherish it forever.

Stay positive!

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