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Goa to crack down on cooking in public by tourists

After announcing a ban on swimming on Goa’s beaches after sunset, a meeting of tourism industry stakeholders chaired by chief minister Manohar Parrikar, ordered police to crack down on cooking in public by tourist groups, claiming it was unhygienic and resulted in garbage being strewn in public areas.

Sources at that meeting, which comprised of representatives from state government agencies, as well as tourism and travel industry stakeholders, told that a decision was also taken to undertake a massive awareness drive to make tourists aware of the perils of swimming in the sea after sunset.

Many at the meeting opined that cooking in the open by groups of tourists is an eyesore. It creates disturbance and garbage which is left unattended. The police have been instructed to crack down on groups of tourists who travel by buses and cooking gear and then cook in the open for their meals.

Some tourists are regularly seen along coastal parts of the state cooking their meals in the open, something the tourism industry stakeholders have complained in the past about, claiming such low-budget tourism doesn’t bring in revenue to the state exchequer and at the same time ruins the aesthetics of the countryside.

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