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GOVT./OPP. Stand Off On Drug-Police Nexus

The demand for a CBI probe into the police-drug dealer nexus dominated the just concluded monsoon session of Goa Legislative Assembly where fingers were also pointed to politicians. Goa Chronicle spoke to Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar to find out why the CBI probe was required and to Chief Minister Digambar Kamat to understand why the CBI need not be involved.


Why does the Opposition want a CBI probe in this nexus?
By now it has been established that police are involved with drug dealers in Goa as seven police personnel are currently suspended. One cannot expect police to do a thorough job in investigating the links as some of them have served with the Anti Narcotic Cell in the past and must be part of the nexus and therefore would be scared of their role getting exposed.
Why is the government not agreeing to a CBI probe?
That is because politicians or their relatives are also involved. Home Minister Ravi Naik’s son Roy’s involvement has been spoken about many times. It is because of this that the government does not want a third party to investigate the matter. The very fact that the government is not agreeing to a CBI probe strengthens the charge that politicians or their kin are involved.
So what happens now? Is there any recourse?
There are many things that can be done. I am determined to take this demand to its logical conclusion. At the moment, I am in the phase I where I am using the various forums available to us. After exhausting the legislative recourses available, I shall move to the next phase. Do not forget that I fought over the power scam for three years starting in 1996 and it is today that people are seeing the effect.



Why is the government not willing to hand over this case to the CBI?
Home Minister Ravi Naik has very eloquently explained on the floor of the House that there is no need to bring in the CBI at this moment as the police investigation is proceeding on the right track.
However, the fear that police may not take up the case seriously as their own colleagues are involved and that some of the investigating officers might have worked in the ANC earlier cannot be allayed.
You have to appreciate the fact that for the first time, the police have suo moto booked a case against their own colleagues. Police personnel including officers have been suspended and this itself should be proof that the police are not under any pressure or influence.
Is it because of the allegations that the Home Minister’s son is involved that the government is insisting on police investigations?
It is very easy for anybody to make allegations. What we need is evidence. I have even announced this on the floor of the house. If there is evidence, produce it and we shall see. Some statement or report appearing in the media is not evidence.

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