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GTDC rubbishes carnival dress code malicious misinformation

Goa Tourism today rubbished rumors that there will be a strict dress code for the state Carnival, which will begin on February 6.

“There is no dress code. Only obscenity will not be permitted. This is not Brazilian carnival,” Goa Tourism Development Corporation’s Managing Director Nikhil Desai elaborated.

Desai said the dress would be the regular ones which are worn for Carnival festivities annually. “There is no restriction of whatsoever.”

Certain media reports had claimed that state government was trying to impose a dress code for the Carnival celebrations this year.

The Carnival float parades would be held across major cities of Goa from February 6-9.

“While I agree vulgarity has no place in my carnival, people are allowed to wear what they want. There is no dress code for carnival,” said Shalom Sardinha, who has been selected as King Momo for Carnival 2016.

Shalom, son of former Goa Chief Minister Francis Sardinha, accused one legislator of trying to create confusion in the minds of people.

“One MLA is just trying to create confusion in the minds of people because I am selected as King Momo,” he said, without naming the legislator.

“How can people make merry if costumes and fun clothes are not allowed ?,” Shalom questioned.

The carnival has been celebrated in Goa from Portuguese time, but the recent addition are the float parades which are led by King Momo, a mythological character who rules the state for four days during the celebrations.

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