Judge’s marathon: Clears 111 cases in one day

The performance of Civil Judge, Junior Division, at Guntur J V V Satyanarayana Murthy cleared 111 cases in one day on Thursday which could be a lesson to other judges battling the over 3 crore cases pending in different courts in the country.
The Judge used his discretion to impose fines while disposing the 111 cases and not a single person was jailed. All the 111 cases pertained to thefts, street brawls and road accidents.

The total sum of the fines imposed in 78 cases came up to Rs. 98,000 while in the remaining 33 cases, the accused were acquitted. In one case, the judge ordered that Rs. 4 lakh seized during the general elections be remitted to the government treasury.
The judge who appeared to be lenient with those who admitted to their crime, has not only saved the time of the court and the litigants but also set a new record for disposing cases in one day. The previous record stood at 80 cases in one day, according to members of the Bar Association.
Mr. Murthy took charge of this court in May 2010 and inherited 1,850 cases. In the last nearly four months, he has cleared 500 cases bringing down the backlog to 1,350 cases. N fact, Mr. Murthy has a reputation of clearing cases quickly as at his earlier posting in Pulivendula town, he had disposed off 808 cases.

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