Justice for Father Bismarque: Inquest Panchnama Notings

GoaChronicle.com highlights the points mentioned in the notings of the Inquest Panchanama of Father Bismarque Dias dead body…

  1. Face badly bruised with lips missing. Jaws clamped tight with all teeth showing.
  2. Nose half missing, with blood oozing out from the nostrils and mouth.
  3. One of the ear lobes missing.
  4. A 3 centimeter long and one centimeter wide depression on the right side of the forehead around 1 cm deep,
  5. Two boils in close proximity on the back of the neck which could be cigarette burns.
  6. One hand on the chest folded.
  7. Chest just below the neck blackened of area about 5 cm2, which could be as a result of blows.
  8. Genitals exceedingly swollen with blood oozing out of the penis.
  9. Skin of shoulder and arms peeled off.
  10. Toes of one leg chipped which could be worn out if he had struggled to get a foothold if held down into the water.
  11. Eyes bulging and protruding.
  12. Face cannot be recognized as Bismarque
  13. Black marks on the back all over.
  14. Skin peepled off from left knuckle as if he had hit someone.

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