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No Mining Traffic Till Chaturthi: Dharbandora Villagers

Representatives of the villagers of Dharbandora insisted that no mining traffic be permitted through their village till the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is over, even as representatives of the mining firms pleaded that traffic be permitted.

These views were aired at a special meeting convened by South Goa Collector Sandip Jacques on Thursday in his office to discuss the mining transportation issue with the villagers, miners and members of the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI).

GCCI pleaded that only 200 trucks carrying the ore be allowed during the monsoon as the import of raw materials from Karnataka for pig iron industry had stopped due to the ban imposed by that State and it was very difficult for the pig iron industries to sustain.

However, Dharbandora villagers insisted that the transportation be allowed only after the Ganesh Chaturthi festival.
Jacques said they that temporarily they had already asked the mining companies to stop transportation during monsoons, but in view of the request from the industry that they require the raw material for sustenance this meeting was convened to see if anything could be worked out.

“But it appears to be difficult to immediately start the transportation as the condition of the roads is very bad and we will have to assess the entire situation vis-à-vis problems faced by the locals at that point and the requirement of the industry”, he said and assured that he would submit a report to the Chief Secretary for further action.

While pointing out that he had heard the concerned group, he said the government will have to take balanced stand taking all aspects into consideration.

“We have to take a balanced decision as there is a requirement from the industry and at the same time we have to consider the problems faced by the villagers,” he said.

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