Open Letter to Archbishop Anil Joseph Thomas Couto – Archdiocese of Delhi

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11 Responses

  1. pavan sachdeva says:

    A befitting response by a true Christian to a pseudo Christian archbishop …trying to sow the seeds of communalism under the garb of secularism… a formula used in this country for many a decade to divide the country into caste community and religion lines !

    Many an innocent indian has fallen into this trap and have taken up the cudgels under this misguided and vicious approach ..

  2. Paramasivam says:

    Great. No words to express my sincere thanks.

  3. Srinivas says:

    Excellent statement of true secularism. Salute to author. ‘Eko sat vipra bahuvidha vadanthi ‘ there is one truth (god) interpreted by several scholars in different ways. That is what India believes for centuries.

  4. susheel says:

    completely agree with you

  5. Maria Fatima Pais says:

    Perfect Savio. I am a Catholic living in Delhi all my life. I have never faced any persecution or discrimination because of my religion. On the contrary, I see that all my Hindu friends are most respectful towards the Church and most helpful. There are bad pennies in all religions but that doesn’t mean a blanket ban or criticism of any faith. Sadly Catholics, led by those who teach us Christianity are most discriminating about people of other faiths. Sadly there are many priests spreading hate via email and social media within the Catholic Community too

  6. Dey says:

    If the Bishop has freedom of speech so has he

  7. Sivasailam D says:

    Let the Christian and Muslim clergy keep off politics, lest they will do immense damage to the people of those faiths. Already they have done substantial damage in the guise of Sunday Mass & Friday Namaz.

  8. heena says:

    Antonia Maino, it is for you too. Read it. Your venom is spreading in others too.

  9. Mrinalini says:

    It is good that a Catholic has made these observations. They are very true and fair.

  10. Pramod says:

    POPE WHOSOEVER HE IS THE FIRST OR THE PRESENT ALWAYS CARRY THE DIRTIEST MIND SET. IN Goa, India 5000 hindus eere killed on one day who refused to become Christian. But this third clasd mentality Pope never uttered a word against it. But even a single incident rarest of rare takes place against any Christian he starts making hue and cry. Leader of dirtiest followers.

  11. kmr says:

    Salute to you Sir for a befitting reply! We are really proud of you. This is the real spirit of Christianity which is gradually eroded by the very people who are supposed to protect and guide others

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