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Reservation for Municipal Elections Manipulated

The manner in which the wards are reserved for the ensuing municipal election has proved the apprehensions expressed by the Bharatiya Janata Party nearly a month ago of they being manipulated to help the ruling dispensations candidates and mar the prospects of opposition candidates.

In Margao for example, Chief Minister Digambar Kamat and Goa Pradesh Congress Committee General Secretary have succeeded in setting the stage to make things easier for their candidates while at the same time ensuring that the Opposition has it tough.

Digambar Kamat who is the Margao MLA, has for the second time ensured that BJP’s Rupesh Mahatme does not get to contest from his ward No. 10 comprising of Malbhat area. While at the last elections it was reserved for women, this time around it is reserved for OBC thereby ensuring that Rupesh Mahatme who is a Brahmin does not contest.

Unique Way of Celebrating Gandhi Jayanti

Keeping in mind Mahatma Gandhi’s “cleanliness is next to Godliness” mantra, Anthony D’Silva from Ambelim held an unique programme in Margao involving students to educate the people about the plastic menace.

Students St. Xavier’s High School, Velim, St. Mary’s High School, Chinchinim, Mount Mary of Angels, Chinchinim, St. Anthony’s High School, Assolna, Regina Martyrum High School, Assolna, St. Rock’s High School, Tolleacanto and Posh, Colmorod Navelim along with representatives of the Village Panchayats of Velim, Assolna, Chinchinim and Dramapur-Sirlim first gathered in front of Grace Church.

Security in Goa [VIDEO]

{youtube}KsGMlC28qcU{/youtube} That the verdict of the High Court in the Ayodhya matter did not give any cause for any untoward incident was indeed a blessing. However, the State administration did...

Taking Care of Your Gall Bladder

Your gall bladder is a bag -like organ which is located below the liver. It is the storehouse of digestive juices that are made by your liver. Gallstones are solid deposits of cholesterol or pigments that form in your gall bladder.

They can be as small as a grain of sand or as large as a golf ball and may be smooth and round or uneven with a number of edges.

You may have just one stone or hundreds of them. If left untreated, gallstones can cause a lot of complications, including ones that can be life-threatening.

Mahanand Convicted of Rape

Mahanand Naik who was called the ‘dupatta killer’ after the police charged him of strangulating 16 young girls over a period of 15 years, was convicted for rape and the sentence will be pronounced on Tuesday.

Mahanand Naik was earlier acquitted in three murder cases as the prosecution had failed to establish his involvement and questions were raised whether the police had merely dumped unsolved cases on Mahanand.

Civil Polls on 31st October, More Than 50% Seats Reserved

Elections to 11 Municipal Councils in the State will be held on 31st October  with the process of filing nominations commencing on 4th October. The last date for filing nominations is 11th October while they will be scrutinized on 12th October and withdrawals will be permitted up to 13th October.

The 11 civic bodies that will go to polls are Margao, Mormugao, Mapusa, Curchorem-Cacora, Quepem, Cuncolim, Canacona, Pernem, Bicholim, Sanguem and Valpoi. Elections to Sanquelim and Ponda Municipal councils will  be held next year when their term expires along with that of the City Corporation of Panaji.

From Opposing, Goan are Now Welcoming Charters


Tourism it is said, has become the mainstay of Goan economy and truly so as a large number of people depend upon it for their livelihood. However, just about two decades ago, Goans were agitating against tourism and more particularly the charter tourists.

In fact, when the first Charter flight from Germany landed at Dabolim airport, it was greeted with slogan shouting crowd that even flung cow dung on the visitors. Protestors against charter tourism warned of all kinds of evils descending upon Goa with these visitors.

Though some of their predictions have come true in the sense HIV infections, drug trade, prostitution and other evils have taken roots in Goa, charter tourism has brought a lot of good along with it particularly in improving the earning capacity of the simple and susegad Goan.

Ringo Tunes

He’s proven on more than one occasion that he’s got what it takes … the “X” Factor!

Singer, Dancer, Song writer, and Actor, Ryan Dias, originally from Hyderabad, has been passionate about the arts since childhood. “I thank God for blessing me with talent which I would love to share with the world,” says Ryan. His skills coupled with his charisma and personality promises to enthrall and captivate an audience of any nationality.

Ryan completed his Senior Secondary from Muscat and proceeded to Melbourne Australia, to obtain a degree in Media Arts and Mass Communications, where he also learned Latin dancing, won several competitions in singing and dancing and performed with several bands in Australia. He believes that music has no barriers, which is evident from the fact that apart from singing in English, he can also sing in Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, Tagalog, French, and has recently mastered a Telugu song.

Training for railway officers on labour laws

A three-day special training programme on Labour legislations pertaining to contract labour and outsourcing work was held for senior scale officer of the Indian Railway by Central Board for Workers Education at Farmagudi, Ponda.

While addressing the officers, Pramod Kant, Law Secretary, Government of Goa, said: “We are still in learning process on account of advancement of technology and computer age we have to increase our skills with development and therefore each and everyday we have to study more and more.”

He hoped that the workshop would help the officers perform their duties better and also give them sufficient experience and knowledge of the rapidly changing scenario.

Kingfisher Airline Sent Back from Dabolim

 On the eve of the commencement of the tourism season in Goa, the refusal of permission for a Kingfisher flight to land at Dabolim airport has once again brought into focus the need to have a dedicated civilian airport for Goa.

Thursday morning due to heavy fog at Bangalore, the Kingfisher flight took off late and arrived at Dabolim at around 8:40 am nearly one hour beyond its scheduled arrival at 7:45 am. After hovering for around 15 minutes the flight had to return to Bangalore with the 51 passengers on board and inconveniencing the other 58 passengers waiting to board the flight at Dabolim.