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Parrikar hits out at Church for ‘Untruthful’ report

Keeping quiet prior to the election on the report of the fact-find committee wing of the Catholic Church in Goa on the issue of desecration and vandalizing of crosses, Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has now hit out and stated that the report in ‘untruthful’.

“The opponents did everything to target me and the health minister (Vishwajit Rane) on an individual level. They used all means — legal, media, social media, fake news. Some agencies released untruthful reports very close to the polling date. The fact-finding committee had met the police and the police had explained the facts to them. Yet they have released a report that is contrary. The government goes by the police report,” said the CM, adding that people should be alert about communal and divisive forces amidst them.

Parrikar said he has now asked the police to release its findings in the contentious cases of desecration, to ‘investigate’ which, the fact-finding committee of the Church had been formed.

“There was an attempt to try and link the desecration at Madkai with the previous desecration and show that there is someone else involved in the desecration other than the person arrested. But, if you see the photographs and the statements of the locals at Madkai that the police have got, you will see that that particular structure had broken a long time ago. The photos show plants growing out of the broken part,” said Parrikar.

The five-member fact finding team comprised members of the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman’s c
ouncil for social justice and peace (CSJP) and the centre for study of society and secularism (CSSS).

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