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Rape in school…Rape of trust

The news of rape and murder of a young seven year old boy at the Ryan International School at Gurugram stirred in me memories of the rape of a seven year old girl at the MPT School in Vasco in 2014.

The failure to nab the rapist of the Vasco case was a failure of the people of Goa. Even today the family fights for justice – Goa Police failed the family, CBI failed the family and most of all Goa government failed the family.

The rapist violated a young girl in the school bathroom and walked away without any fear from a crowded school of 800 plus students. Not one person is able to give a clear picture of this unknown person in a crowded school.

The normal drama of candle-lights, arrest of the principal and fight for justice ensued. The drama also turned political. After a few weeks the drama died down. The principal got bail. MPT – Mormugao Port Trust management paid the family 5lacs as compensation and the seriousness of the matter dwindled.

Post the incident, schools in Goa installed CCTVs and spruced up security. But we all forgot one intrinsic fact that the rape happened in a premise where the child was expected to be safe and secured, the rape happened by an outsider that entered the school.

To me the failure to protect the girl from rape at the MPT school is the failure of the school management and in all fairness they should have been jailed under serious criminal charges – principal, teacher that washed the clothes of the girl and the management. But that never happened.

The issue in Delhi is identical with the only difference being that young boy is died.

We can all play politics if we like on the issue and debate whether the school was supported by BJP or Congress. To that young boy who was raped and killed it means nothing, all he can see in his death is that the school had failed to protect him.

Rape is a horrible trauma. The wound might heal but scar in the soul always remains.

I remember the mind of that seven-year old girl in Goa who after her trauma preferred to sit in a dark room and talk to creatures in the dark until she got psychological help.

In my personal opinion whether its Ryan International in Gurugram or MPT School in Goa they do not have the moral right to continue as a school because we have failed a young mind in the most basic expectation this child had from the school – ‘safety and security’.

It is with that trust a child leaves their parents and walks into a school. When a school fails to honor that trust, it fails being a good institution of learning and it needs to be shut down.

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