Sonia Shinning

As expected, Sonia Gandhi was elected President of the Indian National Congress for the fourth term in a row thereby setting a record to be the longest serving president of the country’s oldest political party even overtaking her own mother –in-law the enigmatic Indira Gandhi.
The Party office in New Delhi had a festive look and the announcement was officially made by Oscar Fernandes, Chairman of the Congress Election Authority.
Sonia Gandhi is a reluctant politician who has taken to politics like fish takes to water. In fact, she was not very happy when her husband the late Rajiv Gandhi a pilot by profession, was dragged into politics following the tragic death of his younger brother Sanjay Gandhi.

Following Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, Sonia Gandhi stayed away from politics for a few years. However  as the Congress Party was on the downslide, she took up the reigns of the party and worked hard to bring it back to power albeit in an alliance.
That she has matured as a politician was visible in the manner in which she retaliated to every barb and every taunt thrown at her during the last Lok Sabha elections, where she not beat the anti-incumbency factor to bring the UPA back to power, but also substantially improved the performance of her own party.
Besides the Indian’s fascination with the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, Sonia Gandhi endeared herself by refusing the crown of Prime Minister when it was offered to her and instead opted to be the Chairperson of the UPA.

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