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UTTA leader Gavde launches election campaign

Independent candidate and UTTA leader Govind Gavde launched his election campaign with huge rally at Mardol, yesterday.

Gavde is believed to be a strong candidate since he secured around 10,000 votes in the 2012 Assembly elections, but lost to MGP’s Deepak Dhavalikar. He also contested in the Lok Sabha Election 2014.

Gavde called for change in Goa and criticised the government for amending the Agricultural Tenancy Act that, according to him, deprived the farmers of land which they were tilling.

He said that he participated in agitations against the amendment and it would be his top priority to revoke the amendment, if elected.

Unemployment and lack of education are the main problems facing Priol constituency, he said, if elected he would strive hard to provide jobs to local youth and quality education in the constituency.

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