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We are India! Aamir

Let me introduce myself. I am an entrepreneur and a journalist from Goa. I have been an admirer of your movies for three reasons their topics, their entertainment value and most of all your tremendous talent for acting & marketing.

Your statement on intolerance, insecurity and India being unsafe, left me thinking.

My thoughts moved in different directions – political, social, publicity game, genuine apprehension or even a dislike for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. If it is the latter, I think its time we ‘Bring Our Martian’ home, as a current joke, doing the rounds of social media, states.

Then I rationalized that if it was any of the above reasons, then you would be the most humorous and misinformed person living in India.

You see Aamir, I am India. The man wearing a blue-shirt sitting across me at the Goa International Airport is India. This little girl munching on Skittles holding her mother’s hand is India. The man who watched your last movie ‘PK’ is India (might I add you are sounding a bit PK with your statements). The people who will currently troll and criticize your statement is also India.

Let me further explain who is ‘India’ – the people who come out to assist during the various bomb blasts or floods across different states in the country is India. It is those men and women in your ‘Incredible India’ campaign that is India.

Tell me please I pray what about these people and the countless other Indians make you or your wife feel ‘unsafe’ and what about them do you find intolerant that today through you, a reputed and respected International celebrity, India gets branded as ‘unsafe’.

I will not get into the fact that you and your family move around with countless bodyguards and security because you are a celebrity but I am quite stumped about the fear you have towards you and your family, even having all the security.

Have you walked in the flood waters of Mumbai during the July 26, 2006 floods. I did, the following morning, when the rain receded. I walked from Cuffe Parade to Andheri (E). Along the way, you had people holding other people’s hands, people giving out food, people helping others push their cars. At that point of time their worries were not whether the person was a Hindu, Muslim or Christian. Neither was it what strata of society that the person stuck in the floods belonged too. The one message that came out was that the person was an Indian and more so a human. I noticed the same humanity during the train blasts when I happened to be stuck at the Kandivili railway station. Everyone was helping each other.

Now that I have moved to Goa over the last five-years, even here, we live life as humans first, respecting each other – religion, beliefs and values.

Having said that, India over the years has witnessed numerous communally driven incidents. Most of these incidents have been politically driven and almost every popular party has had some role to play it. At that point of time, some blinded animals go and kill innocent men, women and children. Don’t confuse Indians with them or their political or skewered religious masters, forget being Indians, they are not even humans.

You have some morons in this country, fanatics to be more precise, who think it is their birthright to stamp their religious and cultural beliefs on other people. These too are not Indians, but religious ‘bhakts’ and ‘jihadis’ who do not understand the tenets of their own religion, humanity is a far cry for them.

India is about its people, its youth, its women & children and its common man that strives day and night to feed his family, to give them a good education and health facilities. No one has time for this nonsense of intolerance and insecurity. Because if Indians in India were truly ‘unsafe’ and ‘insecure’ we would not have the constitutional freedoms we so enjoy. Our children would not be roaming free and without fear.

In Goa, recently there was an attack on peaceful protesters fighting for justice for Fr. Bismarque Dias – a noted priest-turned-social activist. The situation was certainly ‘unsafe’ for the innocent people because of an incompetent Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar who failed to do what is right for the people of the state. That does not in anyway mean Goa is ‘unsafe’.

You know where is India ‘unsafe’, it is when we being powerful men in the country, cannot stop the rape of our women and children. We cannot stop the physical, mental and emotional abuse of our children. That is where India as a country is truly ‘unsafe’, not because of a few religious bigots. Our youth and young adults will not tolerate any ‘communal’ damage anymore in India. It is changing times and we have the power to change this.

If you still think, what I have written is wrong. Then I humbly request you to listen to your wife Kiran and leave India, because it is always important to feel safe and secure. And if you don’t find it in your motherland, you must leave it. But if what I have written has made any impact, then please stay back and we can connect with each other over Eid, Christmas & Diwali. You are most welcome to my house in Goa, trust me you feel safe there. I travel with no bodyguards even though I have been advised too, because in my tiny little village in Ravora Vaddo, Navelim, South Goa every single villager will fight for me, because I am a human first, and we value humanity.

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