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1 Dead, Another Injured In Landslide At Davorlim

One labourer from Bihar died while another was injured in a landslide at a house construction site at Zoriwado in Davorlim on Saturday morning. The accident occurred at around 11 am when the workers were excavating mud from a trench to construct a retention wall.
In what prima facie appears to be a hill cutting, the hillock was cut to a depth of nearly five meters where the workers were working. In all eight labourers were at the site while six others were working on one side, two were working right below the collapsed portion.

While Mohammad Tajadin was buried totally in the landslide, Mohammad Tahir was buried neck deep and was rescued by the fellow labourers. Police on arriving at the site summoned Fire Service personnel and also commissioned an excavator. However, half an hour later when the buried Mohammad Tajadi was extricated from the landslide, he was found to be dead.
The labourers, all hailing from Bihar were employed by the contractor Abdul Shubam Shaik to construct a double storeyed bungalow for Ghous Bi Sayyed a resident of Housing Board, Gogol.
Maina Curtorim Police had summoned both the contractor and the owner to the police station to check their antecedents. While Ghous Bi submitted the construction license issued by the Davorlim Rumdamol Panchayat, the permission granted by Town & Country Planning Department and Public Works Department were not submitted.
These documents assume significance because as per the construction license issued by the Panchayat, the conditions laid down in both the above mentioned permissions had to be adhered to.
Maina Curtorim Police Inspector Sidhanth Shirokdar said he would check whether the contractor had violated the provisions of law with regard to hill cutting and while stating that the contractor would be booked for negligence said he would also discuss with his seniors as to booking him for culpable homicide as he failed to take any safety measures.
When asked by Goa, the contractor admitted that he had not placed any planks on the excavated sides to prevent landslide as he did not expect there to be a landslide.


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