12 Opposition parties to bring ‘no confidence’ motion against government: Congress

New Delhi, July 17 (UNI) The Congress on Tuesday said that 12 opposition parties have agreed upon bringing a no confidence motion against the NDA Government at the Centre and efforts were on to evolve a consensus among other parties.

Addressing a joint press conference with Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad, Leader of the Congress in the Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge said,’at the all party meeting, attended by 12 opposition parties, it was agreed upon to bring a vote of no confidence against this Government. Discussions will be held with other opposition parties to evolve a consensus on the issue.’

Mr Kharge said that the opposition wants discussion in Parliament on various issues of public concern.

‘During the discussion on the no confidence motion, we will raise various issues of public concern like the rise in the incidents of lynching, lack of jobs creation by this Government, the issue of safety of women, the misrule in Jammu and Kashmir and the sharp rise in ceasefire violations from across the border, the dilution of the SC/ST act, farmers ‘ distress, attempts to undermine the independence of autonomous bodies, falling value of the rupee and other issues,’ Mr Kharge said.

Mr Kharge said that the opposition parties will also raise the issue of the special status for the state of Andhra Pradesh.

‘The Government has given an assurance to give special status to Andhra Pradesh and the BJP had made a promise in the manifesto for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections in this regard. However, the Modi government did not make any effort to fulfill the promise in the last four years,’he said.

Charging the BJP of indulging in politics of division to divert attention of the people from the failure of the government to fulfill various promises like providing 2 crore jobs per year, providing farmers 1.5 times the cost of their produce as MSP and bringing back black money, Mr Kharge said,’none of these promises have been fulfilled.’

He said that the government was for a discussion on all issues of public concern in Parliament.

‘The Modi government has no achievements to boast of in the last four years and therefore, it is trying to raise extraneous issues to divide the opposition.

However the Opposition is unanimous on the issue of raising these issues in Parliament,’Mr Kharge said.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Azad charged the Government of vitiating the atmosphere in the country to stay in power.

‘BJP wants to remain in power not through its achievements in various fields but by vitiating the atmosphere in the country. The Modi Government does not allow the opposition to raise issue of public concern in Parliament. Whenever the opposition wants to raise issues of public concern, they try to change the topic which leads to uproar in Parliament. As per a well planned strategy, the opposition is blamed for the disruptions.

This is what happened in the previous session of Parliament. The Opposition wanted to raise issue of public concern but the government kept on running away from discussion on these issues. The Opposition brought a no confidence motion in Parliament but it was not allowed to be taken up. It is the responsibility of the government to ensure smooth running of Parliament but the present BJP Government is running away from it,’Mr Azad said.

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