1300 Bachat Gat Women at the Heart of India's Fastest Growing Spiritual App, My OmNamo

  • Its UAE calling! For My OmNamo Monthly Puja Kits with the helping hands of Self Help Group (SHG) women from across the country

  • My OmNamo Monthly Puja Kits takes a bit of Indianness across places


Around 1300 Bachat Gat women, a mix of housewives from middle-class families and slum-dwellers, form the core team of the My OmNamo, India’s homegrown & sustained spiritual app which caters to all puja needs of homes not just in the country but also the UAE market. The app has recently launched a Monthly Puja Kit, provides you with the daily puja essentials, are sourced from SHG women working across the country with their own small micro-enterprises dealing in halad, dhoopbatti, fulvatetc, the must-essentials for a pious daily puja at home.



My OmNamo Application

The digital outburst inspired the founders at Big Spiritual Destination Pvt. Ltd. for launching this initiative catering to ordering a puja box online to help oneself with his monthly puja needs. My OmNamo, the online app store brings to you the “My OmNamo” puja box, which is specially curated with the best organic ingredients needed. This puja box provides you with the monthly supply of 9 puja essentials like agarbatti, phulwat/telwat, kapur, halad, kunku, ashtagandha, akshata, dhupbatti and a match box. These curated boxes are then distributed in Dubai, Sharjah and Qatar, besides India. The development has brought about immense confidence in the women, who now plan to manufacture 700 tons of incense sticks and dhoop sticks per month.


Another major highlight of this kit is that all the ingredients and products used are organic as per traditional Hindu rituals. These products are sourced from women from different parts of India, majorly Thane District, Mumbai, Amravati, Mysore, Chennai, etc. Mr. Makarand Patil, Founder, My OmNamo shares, “We have now reached out to 1300 Bachat Gat ladies who make these handmade ingredients needed for this pious puja kit. These women make the Phulwat, Kumkum, Ashtagandha etc which are part of the kit and which is in high demand in various parts of India and the Gulf.”  He further adds, “Besides the kit, the app provides you with the services of booking puja services from over 2000 verified pandits in Gujarat and Maharashtra. We have been deputing registered Pandits for performing traditional puja, havan to Indians residing in the Gulf countries at this moment. We intend to expand our boundaries by year 2020.” 


The app is also a one-stop solution for Temple queue bookings at 10 temples across the country like Siddhivinayak, Tirupati, Vaishnodevi and more. Through the app the facility of 106 types of pujas can be availed along with 18 different services and in 12 languages.


Ms. Prajakta Patil, Managing Director, My OmNamo adds, “The women have grown more confident and economically self sufficient through their sheer hardwork. We are not focusing on maximization of profits but also looking at it as an initiative that shall bring about social change. Once the women are employed and earn, they deliver better results and the business will grow automatically. The Puja Kit is a rich collection of puja essentials sourced from the places of origin like Cotton of the ‘phoolvat’ is from Amravati, the ‘Halad’ or ‘Turmeric’ from Chennai and more. We are happy that through these kits we are able to take a bit of Indianness across the globe and reconnect the families residing in places to their roots.


The app is available on Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users. One can anytime track their package and call on their helpline numbers for any trouble. These services are available online as well (


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