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21 percent of MPs and MLAs in India are criminals charged with serious crimes

National Election Watch & Association for Democratic Reforms(NEW & ADR) revealed on Friday that out of a total 4856 – Parliamentarians(770) and Legislators (4086) – in India as many as 1024 (21 per cent ) MPs/MLAs declared serious criminal charges against them including 64 (six per cent) kidnapping cases.

In a latest analysis released by the ADR and NEW analysed on the basis of affidavits of 4856 sitting MPs/MLAs, including 770 MPs and 4086 MLAs the watch dog found that 1024(21%) have declared serious criminal charges against themselves.

Moreover among these 1024 MPs/MLAs, 64 have declared charges related to kidnapping against themselves.

ADR said that 1024 public Representatives are considered Indian Penal Code sections of 359-& 363 (Kidnapping) Sec. 360(Kidnapping from India) Sec 361 (Kidnapping from lawful guardianship) Sec. 362( Abduction) 363A (Kidnapping or maiming a minor for purposes of begging) Sec. 364(Kidnapping or abducting in order to murder) Sec. 364A( Kidnapping for ransom) Sec. 365 (Kidnapping or abducting with intent secretly and wrongfully to confine person), Sec. 366(Kidnapping, abducting or inducing woman to compel her marriage, etc.) Sec. 367(Kidnapping or abducting in order to subject person to grievous hurt, slavery, etc.) Sec. 368(Wrongfully concealing or keeping in confinement, kidnapped or abducted person) Sec. 369(Kidnapping or abducting child under ten years with the intent to steal from its person).

Out of 64 MPs or MLAs with declared charges related to kidnapping, 17 belong to political parties (National, Regional and Unrecognised parties) while 4 MPs or MLAs are independents. It is to be noted that among the top, 16 are from BJP and 6 each from INC and RJD.

Among National parties charges for kidnapping related crimes BJP top with 16 such MPs and MLAs, Indian National Congress or RJP 6 each, NCP-five, BJD,DMK and IND-four each, SP& TDP three each, AITC , CPI(M), CPI(ML/L) and SHS two each and BTP, JD(u), LJP, AISHAD and TRS -one each.
Among the Eight MP, six cases of Kidnapping having lodged against RJD MPs of Lok Sabha Rajesh Ranjan alias Papu Yadav of Bihar, followed by , Four cases of Kidnapping against Ram Kishore Singh of LJP (Bihar), Three cases agasint Nabha Kumar Sarani of IND(Assam), Two cases on NCP Maharashtra MP, Mr. Shrimant Chh. Upayanraje Pratasingha Bhonsale and one cases each against Sarfraz Alam(RJD-Bihar), Rajya Sabha MP Dhoot Rajkumar Nandlal of SHS of Maharashtra, Naryan Tatu Rane of BJP-Maharashtra, Chandrapal Singh Yadav of SP of UP.

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