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26/11 happened because of UPA

Today in 2008, ten terrorists of Lashkar-e-Taiba carried out a cowardly attack on Mumbai. Lashkar-e-Taiba is a Pakistani based Islamic terror organisation.  The terrorists were trained, financed and controlled by the intelligence agency of Pakistan named ISI. 12 years ago today, over 166 innocent people were killed and 300 were injured.

Let’s understand the narrative, outcome and reaction with regards to this attack.

CIA, the intelligence agency of United States of America has passed over 25 alerts about a probable attack on the financial capital of India which was conveniently ignored by R&AW, the intelligence agency of India.

Terrorists then tried to enter Mumbai on two different occasions but couldn’t succeed, however the UPA government didn’t raise the surveillance or security and showed no response at all.

Terrorists killed the fishermen and came to Mumbai through the same. However the local intelligence got no clue at all, despite of the fact that Mumbai has faced multiple terror attacks in past.

Terrorists as per their plan divided among multiple sub-groups and started attacking common & innocent people from the AK47 Rifles around 8pm causing serious injuries and fatalities. First reaction of the state came when they declared this serious attack as a gang war of people from underworld and accepted it as a terror attack only after midnight.

Even worse is the fact that there was no defence system at all to fight against the terrorists. Police wasn’t capable, however showed extreme bravery in defending the city against the terrorists, without even proper arms and ammunitions for over 7 hours.

Nearest unit of National Security Guard (NSG) was in Haryana which is 90 minutes by flight and no where close to the financial capital of the country. Yet the NSG troopers were sent immediately through IAF and a transport plane was arranged to carry the NSG troopers.

Understand the gravity. City under cease and we’re sending our frequently fighters from transport plane. This whole process took over 8 hours since the transport plane could carry a maximum of 110 people at one point of time which made it carry the entire NSG contingent of over 300 in 3 trips.

National Security Guard, the specialized agency to defend the nation against such acts could reach Mumbai only by 3am. After the NSG reached the Mumbai, rather than sending them to safeguard the Mumbai, they were rather sent to have a briefing via bus. It was almost like there wasn’t any urgency or hurry to act faster or something. NSG could finally take their position only after 8am, almost about 12 hours after the attack began.

Had the NSG acted fast, various life could have been saved and many damages could have been avoided.

Another problem was the lack of corporation among agencies and states. Despite of Congress led UPA in both Centre and State(Maharashtra), there have been complete failure of information to be passed from one place to another causing such an issue. Anti-Terror Squad(ATS) intercepted clear instructions from the handles of Pakistan however the central agencies including NSG didn’t act upon it resulting in one of the deadliest attack on the heart of the nation.

Role of media had been worse in handling the issue when the lack of morality has cased much problems. Various journalists has showed live video of the incident revealing the strategies of NSG and defence forces on their channels resulting in more damage since the Pakistani handlers sitting in Pakistan were watching these channels and directing the terrorists over phone.

Attack of 26/11, according to me, was the failure of the then government who had got intelligence report months before the attack was planned. Ajmal Kasab, one of the terrorists who was caught alive confessed that they got help from within very influential people of India.

Rahul Gandhi was reported to be partying all night while R. R. Patil from NCP, the then Home Minister of Maharashtra shamelessly said that,

“Bade bade deshon main choti choti batein hote rehti hain”.

Author: Adv. Shashank Shekhar Jha
Legal Editor, GoaChronicle.com

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