2nd Edition of HyWe – a World Movement for Happy Workplaces Launches in Bangalore

Straight Drive venture founded by brand consultant Mukund Trivedy hosts 2nd in the series of global happy workplace conclaves in Bangalore at Hyatt Centric, MG Road on 6th July from 4.30 pm onwards. The maiden event was held in New Delhi and will be rolled out in Mumbai and Dubai by end of the year. 


2nd Edition of HyWe

The Bangalore event will witness a galaxy of eminent speakers including a keynote address by Harish Bijoor, Brand Guru and Founder, Harish Bijoor Consults Inc.; Bikram Walia, Director, HR, Amazon India; Sujit Patil, Head of Corporate Communications, Godrej Industries; Leza Parker, Entrepreneur and Global Speaker from Singapore; and Sangeeta Chacko, Head – Corporate Communications, Percept Media to name a few. They will present powerful, practical and personal mantras to achieve a ‘happy and high-performance work’ state.

HyWe was incepted in December 2017 following Mukund’s personal experience grappling with toxic work environment at the highest level. His Linkedin post recounting his harrowing experience went viral with 30 lakh followers from across the globe joining the conversation.

HyWe currently has 1000 followers and is expected to grow to 1 million followers by end of year,” says Mukund. “HyWe will become a world movement for happy workplace through a three-pronged strategy – providing legal and psychiatric aid to survivors; suggesting policy level changes and guidelines to the government and offering companies solutions and means to improve diagnostics.” 

According to Mukund, “People do not openly talk about workplace toxicity. A recent survey by Optum and states nearly half the employees in India suffer from stress. Proportion of workers at high risk of suicide due to unmanaged stress has grown from 2-4% in 2014 of all councelling cases to 8% in 2018,” he adds. “I hope HyWe events will achieve what Padman did for menstrual hygiene. Encourage constructive dialogue on workplace toxicity and stress.”

HyWe is currently partnering with senior consultants, popular research agencies and academic institutions to design a scientific framework to measure happiness quotient at workplace. 

About Mukund Trivedy

Mukund is an Independent Consultant with more than 23 years of experience in the field of Branding, Communications and Employee Engagement across Steel, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries. He is an alumnus of Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon.

About HyWe Happy Workplace Conclave

Is creating a happy workplace a choice? Globally, studies have shown that workforce happiness is one of the most powerful drivers of organisational performance. People, who work with a sense of mental well-being, are more creative, innovative and productive. They cope with work related stress better and are able to sustain peak performance especially during economic downturns.

Source: NV1

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