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40th Meeting Of State Labour welfare Board Held

The 40th meeting of Goa State Labour Welfare Board was held on Saturday under the chairmanship of Labour Minister Joaquim Alemao.
The meeting confined the minutes and approved the budget for the year 2011-2012. The Board discussed and decided to revive the scheme of supplying television sets to the management.
The meeting also resolved to modify the creche-scheme for the benefit of children of industrial workers/employees like that of neighboring states Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh.

The meeting also discussed reconstitution of the sub-committee for scheme no. XVII i.e. retrenched workers assistance scheme and modification of Scheme No. X for mentally challenged and spastic children of industrial workers.
The meeting also deliberated on scheme No.8 relating to study tours and representation for INTUC, and other issues pertaining to the welfare of the workers.
During the Financial year 2011-12 a provision of Rs 1.91 crore has been made to provide benefit to the employees under various schemes.

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