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90% peace-loving farmers not in favour of continuing with protests: BCI

The Bar Council of India (BCI) has claimed that after the Supreme Court on Tuesday stayed the three Farm laws, 90 percent of the peace-loving farmers are not in favour of continuing with the agitation and citizens should urge the farmers to call off their protests.

In a press statement issued on Wednesday, the BCI has termed the Supreme Court’s stay order as historic and aimed to save the lives of agitating farmers, elderly people, women, and children.

The letter adds that the irresponsible comments made by some politicians against the Supreme Court are unfortunate, insensitive, baseless, made to further their own vested interests and with the motive to exploit the agitation and mislead the agitating farmers.

“Everybody knows that 90% of the peace-loving farmers are not in favour of continuance of agitation after the stay order of Supreme Court, but persons with vested interests are trying to fulfil their own political ambition even at the cost of de-stabilising the country,” the letter signed off by BCI Chairman Manan Kumar Mishra reads.

Mishra, therefore, goes on to call for “honest, sincere and sensible citizens” to convince the agitating farmers to suspend their agitation until the Supreme Court’s final judgment in the matter.

We fail to understand as to why those who are making scandalous and contemptuous comments in media, did not appear before the court to put across their stand,” the statement adds, while also expressing gratitude to the Supreme Court for having interfered to save the country from lawlessness.

Via Bar & Bench
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