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99 % Govts Corrupt: Baba Ramdev

Carrying on his tirade against corruption, Swami Ramdev alleged that 99 per cent of the governments in the country are corrupt and anti-people and further stated that land acquisition is being used to harass people.
Participating in an interactive session organized by the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry he pointed out that neither the Central nor the State governments have shown any inclination to amend the Land Acquisition Act that is being used to rob people of their land.

He said that nearly one-third of the land in Uttar Pradesh is sought to be acquired and wondered what will happen if this turns into a reality as it will rob the country of its major grain producing area as 40 per cent food production in Uttar Pradesh will be affected.
While admitting that the country faces a lot of challenges, he also admitted that money matter but opined that money should not be everything in life.
He squarely blamed the political system in the country for the current mess and pointed out that the laws of the land do not ensure that corrupt people are penalized for their deeds.
While asserting that many in the government and even society, do not want to abolish corruption, he however said the Supreme Court has come as a glimmer of hope and people are now believing in this institution.
He appealed to the business houses in Goa to adopt swadshi model to prevent money from the country going out. “Adopt swadeshi in your personal and business life,” he urged them.

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