A Campaign to Highlight the Importance of Drinking Clean Water

With India having the highest number of people in the world without access to safe drinking water (according to a study conducted by Wall Street Journal and Water Aid), Anjali Bhutani initiated a campaign titled H2OME to create a much-needed awareness for the safe drinking water.



H2OME Campaign first educational workshop at the Sarvodaya Enclave Welfare Association, in collaboration with Parvaah


What started off as an MYP project at school, the H2OME Campaign but has grown in to something that can impact hundreds of lives, through broadening access to simple and low-cost water filtration systems. Anjali’s aim is to increase the number people who have access to clean drinking water. Therefore, she has created water filter that costs under 500 rupees and allows you to purify 1 L of water at a time, taking approximately 3 minutes, in the convenience of your home-hence.



H2OME fundraising event in collaboration with the NGO Parvaah. Shri. Somnath Bharti spoke of the importance of clean drinking water and expressed hope to improve health and safety standards in the community


Currently, according to a study conducted by The Wall Street Journal and WaterAid states that each year approximately 1,40,000 children die from diarrheal diseases, after consuming dirty water. People are blessed to be living in a planet that has abundance of air and water.


Although, many do not have access to clean drinking water, Anjali has always been sensitive to the water problem in her city (New Delhi). The ‘unsanitary conditions‘ of few slum areas she visited inspired her to create a product which will help them in a way. Shefeel that this is a very small issue that they face, but like a jug fills drop by drop and that every drop in the jug matters; every small issue must be looked into, in order to achieve the solution to the bigger problem. 


Anjali believes that everyone aspires to do good acts in life, but very few adopt noble ideals and integrate them in life. Through her project, she has created an opportunity to help someone and do her small effort towards finding solutions for the same.

Source: NV1

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