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A Healing Rhythm

This will be a performance like no other. As curtains rise on Sachika Almeida’s latest production, the show will bring to the limelight a Bharatnatyam performance by the visually impaired and special children.
The 30 odd participants taking part in this unique spectacle of dance, Sanjeevini, will take to the stage at the Ravindra Bhavan on 3rd October. The event is expected to be attended by Bollywood veterans Govinda and Anupam Kher. There will be a ballet performance by the Saundarya Natya Kalalaya troupe from Mumbai. The show she reveals, is a fund raiser for The National Association for the Blind and her school- the Nritya Sankul.

Teaching each group (the blind or the special kids) takes on a different method. She explains, “Each module is set according to the student’s personality and need. When teaching the visually impaired for instance, I select common actions like brushing teeth, and combine them together to form one sequence. This will make up one line of a song. As their audio sensory powers are stronger, their interpretations are better too, due to their powers of concentration. We turn their impairment to their benefit.”
Women above 40 will join the performance as well. Since ladies in this age group would face physical limitations in terms of flexibility, Sachika has choreographed something different for them. “Dance serves as a great stress reliever and for them this is a great medium of self expression. I deal with them on an emotional and mental level and work on their poise.”
The music, though carnatic is kept simple and so are the steps. Sachika has kept to the traditional parameter, but worked within the framework to give audiences an audio-visual treat.
Sachika loves the teaching process. Nothing can beat the glow of happiness she sees on the students’ faces. “The idea is to illuminate the dancer within. As humans we move naturally. When we are happy we dance and dance when we are happy. It’s a wonderful experience to help others discover their inner ex-pression.”
She believes that when you are true to your heart the universe helplessly conspires to achieve your dream.


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