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Hello everyone, my name is Irashi Jha, and believe me, it doesn’t matter whatever we call ourselves, whosoever we are, and wherever we belong to, and I will make you believe this in the next 15 minutes.

Today, when I randomly got to speak about my wildest dream in front of the young jury filled with enthusiastic ambitions, and having a broad vision towards life, I got a little nervous. Particularly because I was not sure that my wildest dreams could be too timid in front of you thinkers. But then I gathered that the world followed Swami Vivekananda not because he spoke well, rather because what he spoke carried depth and was thoughtful. Hence, I would try and incorporate even a pinch of his greatness to make my conversation worthy. My desire today is to speak aloud what I have hidden into myself over many years, actually from the age I started gaining sense, and then would gather strength to travel the path of my dreams in the future very near.

I was very young when I saw white, beautiful, icy mountains on TV for the very first time that had scenic waterfalls, glaciers, and very narrow roads. I am not sure what amazed me that day the most, the love for heights, foggy clouds or the soft and vast echo that was produced when my favorite Shah Rukh Khan spoke aloud ‘I Love You.’ If asked, honestly, I don’t have answers to that question even today, might be it is the serene calmness that exits in the mountains, or could be the pleasure to endure all the pain while stepping towards mountains, and take a foot ahead of my limits. In the world, where every day we wake up carrying the practicality of pleasure and pain and judge ourselves on the heavy weights of right and wrong, I believe barely breathing in that surrounding could make everything all right. (I got Goosebumps while saying this).

My ‘All Time Desire’ is to trek all the way to the Himalayas, particularly to the Nanda Devi Sanctuary. Yes, I know that the civilian access to that place is banned by the Indian Government as the nuclear power surveillance device got lost which was mounted by CIA during the Cold War to monitor Chinese army.  But there is another way that goes from the east side covering the villages of Martoli, Pacchu and Ganaghar. You see, we search for even the tiniest detail we could get, of those we love and value the most.

Every time I look at the clouds, I close my eyes to imagine the day when I would be very near to them, when I would touch the spoilsport of those foggy cotton balls, when in that inclement weather near the glacier, I would sit onto a stone facing the Nanda Devi, gathering what makes her to stand so still, yet so alive. I wish I could then take out my diary and write something so thoughtful that it becomes immortal in this very dead vacant society. I wish the very moment I condense into a human-turned-glacier who could stand still and become quite enough to listen to what others breath say, also, what my heart speaks. I wish that day I fade away from the spotlight of triumphs, just like Mother Nanda Devi, yet my inner voice and my charm get so unassailable that my presence could begin to make sense. I wish that day there could be nothing that could be taken off me, yet I could have uncountable dreams, visions, and beauties to gift to everyone I meet.

I wish for a journey of peace and pride, a journey of days that could turn into the memory of ages, a journey that could get reflected through my eyes, a journey that would have nothing to speak, but a curious inconsolable voice, a journey of miles apart, a journey to miles within, a journey that could condense me into the reality of time.

Hahah, let us wrap up now, I will not bore you anymore with more such weighted talks, and I can certainly see many of you came with a notebook thinking I would draw some graphs, show some statistics, but you see I have never been such studious type. You could always find me in the end corner of the last bench having breakfast and drawing some pathetic sketches in the last pages. So, If not study, then what? I came to remind ourselves of the nights we turned and twisted on bed till 4 because of a dream that could not let us sleep, of that fantasy that we lost in midst of chaos of running and winning. Remember that day when we finally chose to write something, so we took out a pen and wrote on a piece of paper and hid it in the secret of a secret place. The problem is we somehow lost that place. And then we never gathered the strength to search it because it required time which we always had short of. But it’s high time now, let us take a walk to search for our wildest dreams that is taking its last breath in a piece of paper, let us give birth to that curious child in us, let us make our trip to our first inner self journey, a journey of life to get lost in time.

Author: Irashi Jha

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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