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Royston Dias has pursued Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Don Bosco College of Engineering and is currently working at Letcetra Agritech Private Limited, a company practicing Urban Farming. In conversation with Ila Dhond, Content Editor at What opportunities do you see in Goa?

Royston: I think there’s a major opportunity for Ecommerce platforms. Also, there’s no competition for transport facilities like Goa Miles as Goa does not have Uber, Ola. Even Agriculture has good scope. Education sector could be next. Ecommerce, Education and Agriculture if combined could be much more interesting, as education is changed way more after Covid-19. What is hindering the growth of Goa?

Royston: Education must be properly planned, that too from Primary. There is a lot of problem with understanding languages, if a student does not know English, he will be stagnant. Also, Engineering is all theory. Professional courses like Engineering must be divided properly, For example: two years learning and further two years for hands-on practice. Students do not know what to opt for after 10th grade, there could be guidance made available to them so, that can help them channelize their interest. What difficulties did you face during Covid-19?

Royston: It was reverse for me. I moved to another job during lockdown. I did not panic when lockdown was announced but my parents did. They feared, they would not be able to get daily resources. I handled it pretty well. Is India heading in the right direction?

Royston: Current Government is better than the Opposition Party. They have taken certain initiatives for youth which are commendable. India has gone Digital which is the need of the hour. But it still lacks in certain sections. India has been learning from other countries, say democracy then why can’t it learn to implement certain laws like they have in Gulf Countries. Women will safer then. Since you are in Urban Farming, what is the future scope for the same?

Royston: Urban Farming has a massive scope. Since I have been working in this company for 7 months, I get to talk to people who actually are into farming. So the process goes like, one does not need soil to grow plants, plants can be grown with mere water and nutrients. Also, one does not need a huge place to garden these. One can even do it in balcony or terrace. Every family can grow their own vegetables. It can be done indoor as well as outdoor. It’s that simple.

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