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Salmon Shaji Varghese, is a student of Shree Rayeshwar Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, Shiroda, Goa. He’s born in Kerala and brought up in Ponda, Goa.  He’s currently studying in the third year of Engineering of Computer Science stream. He wants to become an Entrepreneur in future and is working hard for the same.  In conversation with Ila Dhond, Content Editor, What do you like about Goa?

Salmon: Goa is a calm place. People here are ‘sushegaad’. I was brought up in Goa and would like to continue living here. What difference do you see in Kerala and Goa?

Salmon: There is no much difference except for culture and practices. People in Kerala are more hard-working. But I consider Goa my home, the place I would always come back to. What opportunities do you see in Goa?

Salmon: I see almost no opportunities. This state is good with regard to all aspects except work. That is why people move out of Goa in search of better work. Goa is a place to begin with something but one cannot scale up in Goa.  Do you think India is heading in the right direction?

Salmon: As far as I can see, Government has not taken proper steps while fighting corona. It must do better. GDP is going down and it is actively affecting normal citizens specially middle class families. Central Government needs to plan better. How covid-19 has affected you?

Salmon: My father is an Electrical Contractor. He cannot work from home in this field. He has to be present on site. He needs labours to get work done. Electricity is a backbone of Industries. Even though, the industries were not paying the amount. I understand that they were going through a rough phase too. I do not blame them. It was a Domino effect. In the midst of this all, we had to pay our taxes. Everything was piled up. It was a difficult phase for my family. How is CM handling the situation in Goa?

Salmon: I think people are not understanding his perspective, may be that is the reason majority is disappointed with him. He alone does not take the decisions. The decision is taken by the cabinet. We cannot blame just one person. We need to look at the situation from his perspective as well. He is also advised by others. It is a cumulative decision.


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