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A journey towards IAS

Akshay Ghadge

Akshay Ghadge is an IAS aspirant from Satara, currently residing in Delhi. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics degree from Nowrosjee Wadia College, Pune. In conversation with Why did you move to Delhi?

Akshay: I always aspired for Civil Services. There is no required exposure in Satara to prepare for Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination. And Pune lacks the professionalism that is essential to prepare for UPSC. Delhi sets the course for UPSC in the right direction. Do you see any growth opportunities in India?

Akshay: With the wild spread of COVID-19, the world is heading towards deglobalisation. Every country is looking forward to become self-reliant nation. In near future India has a good scope to develop to its maximum capabilities if we focus on IT industry, agriculture industry which are the core industries in the country. India needs to work towards up scaling these industries. Also, online coaching has taken a boost due to outbreak of the novel coronavirus. This could be one opportunity for growth in India. With required innovations; and economic interventions by the Govt. of India in future this will be one of the rapidly growing sectors in the country. The pandemic can also prove to be a great opportunity for up scaling the healthcare sector in India. What factors pose as hurdles in India’s growth according to you?

Akshay: Population explosion and unemployment I would say are major hurdles in growth of the nation. Another vital factor impacting our growth is water scarcity, environmental issues. Over the past few years many parts of the country have been facing water scarcity. Rivers are drying up. It is high time that we wake up and work towards preserving the environment. Considering 1.33 billion population of India, the focus should be on developing the manufacturing sector which would generate employment opportunities. How do you think we can tackle issues that the nation is facing?

Akshay: People especially women in states of UP, Bihar which contribute the most to population growth in India need to be given reproductive literacy to curb the exploding population of the country. Women have a vital role to play in every aspect of development now. Maximum emphasis needs to be laid on developing the manufacturing sector. There is a need for innovative ideas to be implemented to change the face the employment sector. It needs to be financially backed by the state. Government single handedly cannot work towards environment protection. Community participation for environment protection is equally important. India has the required resources, and capabilities to grow but we lack efficiency. Is India heading in the right direction?

Akshay: Well, there cannot be a clear cut yes or a no to this question. On some fronts we are doing well. Like some awareness has come among people about environmental issues. But we lag behind when it comes to the community. As a community the mentality is still considerably regressive. Caste based discrimination exists in the country till date. This in a way holds us back as a country.

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