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A lot fewer people would have died if Chinese government acted sooner: China’s probable Patient Zero

Mumbai: Wei Guixian, a 57 year-old shrimp seller at the Wuhan Hua’nan market in China is reportedly the first person to have tested positive for COVID-19.

According to her statement to The Wall Street Journal, she believed, “A lot fewer people would have died if the Chinese government acted sooner.”

Some media outlets in China have now been referring to her as the Patient Zero.

She first began exhibiting symptoms on December 10th 2019. She was taken to the Wuhan Union Hospital for treatment, according to the The Wall Street Journal.

After Wei Guixian, other seafood sellers from the Hua’nan market began to check into the Wuhan Union Hospital. Wei had recovered from the bout of coronavirus and left the hospital in January 2020.

Wuhan Municipal Health Commission confirmed that Wei was among the first 27 people to test positive for Covid-19 .

Though Wei may be ‘patient zero’, it does not mean she is the first person to have contracted Covid-19.

Chinese researchers have claimed that the first person diagnosed with the virus had no contact with the seafood market and was identified on 1 December.

Despite having contracted the disease in mid-December, health officials in China reportedly informed World Health Organisation only on December 31 2019.

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